Saturday, June 28, 2014

06.23.2014 - New Area

Well guess what! Summer has come! It has been 3 days without rain- touch wood! and I hope it stays like this longer!!

Hmmm well mom attacked me with questions so hopefully I can answer all of them.

So on Tuesday sis Peck and I went to a castle and a small market town, our last pday together, it was really weird.  Then we went to say good bye to N. and D. (oh and dad they have tried to add me on facebook but it wouldn't let them, so they emailed my facebook- will you look them up and add them?! and M. too) then we had the last lesson with T. and M.
By some miracle I fit everything into my suitcases and we carried the heavy luggage down 4 flights of stairs.
Transfer meeting was really good, my first district leader went home and a lot of missionaries that I have served around so it was a really weird meeting!  It was actually a lot harder than I thought it was to leave the north and go into the Leeds zone.  This is the first time in 8 months that I haven't been around sister Neilson or Nigido.
Sister Nigido was at the transfer meeting too so we got our goodbyes there.  The weirdest thing is Sister Ith goes home at the end of this transfer. It will be so weird to send her off! The worst part is since she is in the south I probably won't even see her to say goodbye! :(

But Keighley is good, you say it keith-lee.  It is very hilly, which is so good because I am going to get in shape :) hopefully! But probably not because this ward loves missionaries! :) which is good but we have tea appointments every day which isn't as good for the waist line ;)
I have really enjoyed my time here so far! Sister Morris is super cute, and since she is from this country I am hoping that I will actually sound more British!! :)
The flat is pretty good, we live in a chavy area, but the flat is nice.  It is a two story flat and it is so weird because the toilet is downstairs but the sink and the tub are upstairs so we have to run up and down the stairs just to go to the bathroom.  But it is super green and pretty over here!!
The ward is great!  I loved going to church yesterday! It was the most spiritual meeting I have even been to! The relief society lesson was on Elder Bednar's talk last conference so it was all on the Atonement! It was so powerful!  I know that our Saviour loves each one of us so much and that we mean so much to him that he is in the details of our lives.  I had an amazing experience today where I was praying with a specific concern and I was guided to the exact scripture that had my answer. Isn't it amazing that we receive personal guidance in our lives!  I just love being a missionary SO much!!!

Well that is pretty much all the exciting news I have :)

love you!

<3 Sis Monroe 

06.17.2014 -- Call from Mission President

Hey family!!! well we had another great week here in Darlington!!  Hope you had a good fathers day dad! sorry I'm the worst daughter ever! I didn't quite finish my letter last week, so I had to wait until this pday to finish it- but it is already in the post so. . . better late than never right?!?!  the same amount of love is there though :)

The beginning of the week we went on exchange and sister cochran came here to darlo and we got to go together :)  well we got flogged, every single appointment.  So we did a lot of finding :) which was fun!!  I accidentally forgot the map, but I knew the general area, we were going to try by one of our investigators and I knew he lived off of Nunnery Ave so every person we saw we were asking where Nunnery Ave was.  It was pretty funny because everyone thinks sister missionaries are either 1. Jehovah witness or 2. nuns.  So at first everyone thought we were these 2 american nuns who were lost trying to find nunnery ave. . . .

Sister Cochran and I were tracking up by our chapel which is a 30-40 min walk from our flat.  It was a little before tea time and we were like oh man this is great! the weather is so nice, the sky is blue we are only wearing short sleeves!!  Well that never lasts too long in england because we noticed a little black cloud WAY in the distance, a few hours later it was POURING, and there was thunder and hailing. . . . .  so we started to head towards the flat to take tea while the storm passed.  Then it started hailing so hard so we ran from tree to tree- dancing the whole way home! it was so fun!!!  But then all the sudden it was sunny again.  The english weather, it is CRAZY! one moment it can be hotter then the depths of hell and then the next it can be hailing. . . I don't get it! hahaha

Sister Peck and I had such a fun week!!  We met some crazy people! Yesterday when we were contacting in town we were talking to this 18 year old girl, who is so cute and we were having the best conversation with her!  Testifying about how she can know that there is a God, sharing personal experiences and then B. walks up.  She is a member in the ward she runs up and gives us big hugs and tells us that she is really tipsy and she is about to head back into the pub.  She then looks straight at me and says 'my husband says you are the more beautiful one' then goes on to dis sis peck right there in front of her and this girl named C.  We never told C. that she is a member of our church! we kind of just laughed it off and said we meet crazy people being missionaries.  right when we said that another drunk lady comes up and starts playing with sis pecks hair!  oh man darlo such an interesting place! good news is though that we got a return appointment with C.!!! :)

One evening we got flogged and we were like oh man! because the world cup is going on right now and it is HUGE here in england!  drunks everywhere and they all get so into the games! so we were a little hesitant to go knocking, but we prayed about a street and went for it, we ended up meeting this man who has been wondering if there was a God, he has a copy of the Book of Mormon already that he got years a go!  We talked to him for almost an hour! it was so great!!! :)

Saturday we had a tea appointment at the Crawfords (who are great members!) and there littlest girl Lottie said I hope you guys aren't getting transferred! It will ruin my birthday next week!  Well the calls came in that night.  I got a call from President and he asked me if he could reassign me, which is fancy words for I'm being dropped as a sister training leader.  There is a sister who has been in for 6 weeks and her trainer is going home early so he asked if I would step in and finish training her.  Of course! I LOVE training!!! I am so so so excited!!
So I'm going to Keighley, which is right outside of Leeds!  I am SO excited!!!!!   Sister Morris is from Wales and I hear that she is so fun and funny! So I am pumped!!!
It is hard to leave sis peck but I can't wait!!!

Hope you guys have a great week! I'll keep Richard in my prayers! I love you so much!

<3 Sister Monroe

Nunnery Lane

this is a recent convert named David, he walks an hour each way to get to church every single week! he is my hero!


06.09.2014 -- Soaked Through

Hey family!! Well another amazing week here in Darlington!  We have been so blessed here! The members are fabulous and with the referrals they are giving us and all of the finding we are doing we have been so blessed with a pretty solid teaching pool!!  It is so exciting!!!! :)

This week we went on exchange with South Shields- and we brought them here to Darlington.  I got to serve with Sister Nigido all day Tuesday- oh man that girl is POWERFUL! we had so much fun! We got to spend a lot of time street contacting in town- it was the most awkward thing ever-- we stopped these two ladies and we were talking to them, this guy who was smoking against the wall kept joining in the conversation and eventually the two ladies walked away.  So we just kind of scooted over to start talking to this guy and then we had a great conversation with him! We were able to talk about the Book of Mormon and how he can know if God is there.  He said that he really has been wondering if there was a God and that he really wanted to know for himself.  So we gave him a Book of Mormon!  :) so good!

Then as it does in England- the rain POURED DOWN this week-- big shock ;)

One day it was so bad!! I was so grateful that I had my red raincoat because even with that I got soaked through!! hahah we went to tea at Sister Dores house and she said that she needs to stop inviting the missionaries because every time she does there is a big storm!  We were so blessed that day though because even though we were knocking in the rain- which usually people just automatically slam the door-- we were able to find some really really good people!!!

I think by the time that I am finished with my mission I am going to be a qualified therapist and painter!! This week we helped N. and D. paint their house- it was a lot of fun!

Also huge miracle- they came to church!! and so did M.!  It was such a good sacrament meeting so we were so glad that they were all there!!

The biggest miracle this week was yesterday, we got this referral from missionaries in Scotland they were teaching this family but they moved into our area.  We have been trying to get a hold of them all transfer and finally yesterday- we were able to see them!!! :) and she is AMAZING! the husband is in the military and he is away for a few weeks- but she told us how she has been praying (big Christian belief before) but she has had such a strong feeling to read the book of mormon again, so she was so grateful that we came by!  :)
Oh man things are really looking up here in Darlington!! there are some really good things about to happen!  

We get our transfer calls this Saturday so all fingers crossed!!!

thanks for the shoes I love them so much!!! thanks for all your love and support!!! :)
I realized something this week-- please share this with Spencer!--  How important obedience is!  With our calling we work with all kinds of missionaries and after almost 6 months as serving as a STL I have been able to find something in common with every single missionary who is struggling.  They are all struggling for different reasons- but it goes down to the little things of obedience.  Hard things come, that is to be expected in life especially as a missionary-- but like President Monson said the great test in this life is obedience.  I have found it doesn't start with a missionary thinking oh I am going to be lazy and disobedient today.  It starts with the really small things,  at 6:30 when the alarm goes off- oh man I am so tired, well I think I am going to sleep in for a few minutes today.  Or it is 8:50 and it is pouring rain, no one is out let's just go in.  Those little things overtime grow into big things- every single time.  and eventually the disobedience brings unhappiness- every single time.  If a missionary wants to be happy- it is through obedience and hard work- especially in those hard times! Oh man I have really come to see how importance diligence and obedience are!! And of course no body is perfect, but the Lord requires a willing heart and I am so grateful for the examples of obedience I have seen over my mission for Sisters Robison, Huang, Ith, Neilson, and Peck who are all such good examples of obedience! and I know that is the reason I have loved my mission- not because it has been easy, because it hasn't but because it has brought me closer to the Lord :)  So Spencer, and any other missionary who is about to go out, I have seen the effects of a disobedient missionary and it isn't good so try your best to be obedient and I PROMISE you will be happy and blessed!!

Love you!

<3 Sister Monroe

06.02.2014 - She sounds funny. . . . hmmm is that what we sound like??

Hey family!!!!
Well this has been another great week!!!!! CONGRATS to SPENCER FOR GRADUATING!! WHOOO loved the pics! and congrats to emmy too!! sounds like a busy and good week!!!!! :) 

Guess what!  Emma has a calling in the South Shields ward!  She is the 2nd counselor in the primary presidency!!!!  Awe :) our little Emma <3 it is so exciting to hear!!!!!

So this week we were on exchange in Stanley the beginning part of the week, and the rest of the week we have been able to teach M., and N. and D. as well as do a lot of finding! So it has been a great week!!!

Ok so M., he is the boyfriend of a less active named T.- this is a crazy story-  I knew T. when I was in Newcastle because she would sometimes take a train up there and come teach with me and sister Robison.  Well in testimony meeting yesterday she got up and said how the week before we came to Darlington she was on holiday and she kept hearing my name.  So she emailed Sis Robison and found out I had been transferred to her ward.  She has been less active for like a year and we have been helping her come back.  After our first visit with her, her boyfriend noticed that she was happier and he wanted to know why.  So we have been teaching him ever since :) we were able to get him to a baptism this weekend and to church as well!!  At the baptism his eyes were tearing up, and he is not the type to cry so it was great!!!

N. and D.e (weird huh!) are referrals from our ward mission leader. A couple of weeks ago our WML called us on a different number when I answered the phone and found out it was him I was like, oh man! We thought it was a new investigator calling us.  he paused and then I heard ''hey mate, can the sisters come by tomorrow and teach you, you sure? you can't bail on them!'' so we stopped by the next day- and they are GREAT!  she wants to get baptized-- our WML has brought them to church before and has taught them pretty much all of the lessons already.  Oh by the way our ward mission leader just got back from his mission around a yearish a go and these are his university friends.  Well she would be baptized if it wasn't for him! they live together and so it is a tricky situation because he doesn't really believe in God-- the good news is though that they are reading the Book of Mormon :)

Other than that we did a lot of finding! and it was great!!!! :)  we were really blessed this week and have 3 return appointments tomorrow alone with potentials- so pray for us!! :) 
Ya I'm loving Darlington! It is great :)

We were at church on Sunday and this lady in relief society starts talking- sis peck and I look at each other and we were thinking hmmm she sounds funny.   .   .  . turns out she's from Canada-- and we were like weird! is that what we sound like to people?!?! we are just so used to the accent I guess!! hahahaha

I have just really come to see how much the Lord blesses us when we try our best!  Something that I have started to do is each night in my journal writing down how I have seen the Lord's hand that day.  It is amazing because every single day there is something.  It isn't always something big but I know that the Lord is in the details of our lives and that all things work out to those who believe- then work hard!!

Love you!!

<3 Sister Monroe

In Richmond, England

First Kool-aid in England

05.28.2014 -- oh my goodness this has been the best week ever!!!

Hey family! oh my goodness this has been the best week ever!!!

So it started with zone conference!  ALWAYS so good!  The spirit is so strong and I walk out feeling invincible!  So straight after we took the car and headed to our adventure exchange in Gateshead :)  I got to go with Sister Neilson! Oh my goodness- it was seriously the best exchange ever!!  We worked SO hard and laughed SO much and it was a powerful exchange! That sister is AMAZING!  She is so so good!  We did a lot of street contacting :) and saw so many miracles! It was so great to be back with her!!!!!

This week my testimony of prayer has been strengthened SO much! I truly know that God knows exactly what we need, and that He wants to bless us so much- but He is just waiting for us to ask and then He will shower us with blessings!!  This week we prayed- as usual- that we would be guided to those that are ready to hear the gospel- and that those who are prepared will flock to us.  And they have been flocking!!
We have 4 new investigators!!!! whoo!!!! 3 of who are member referrals!!! It was so great!!!

The fourth we were knocking in the rain and we were guided to this house- when we knocked on the door we started to have a great conversation with this man- he said why don't you come in. It turns out a friend had given him a copy of the Book of Mormon 3 years ago- and he knows it is the word of God.  He is really involved with his own church but he is so great! and we are so excited to go back to see him!!!

We have had such a great week :) 

Glad to hear everyone is happy back home!

Love you!!

<3 Sister Monroe

05.19.2014 -- Passed Driving Test!!!!

Hey family!! well guess what. . . .

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO- that was a miracle!!!!!! oh man!!!!!!!!

This week we got to go on exchange with the Newcastle sisters- one of the sisters she is struggling pretty bad right now and it broke my heart to see her that way!  I have served around this sister for like 7 months and I love her to death and it is pretty heart breaking to hear how much she is struggling.  In that moment I felt so close to the Savior because I could feel the love that he has for her. It is so hard to imagine but he loves us all that much!!!

I was reading the scripture in 1 Timothy that says God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love- and in John (maybe 1 John) where it says perfect love casteth out all fear.  I have come to see how true that is, with everything!  Street contacting, visiting members and less actives- whatever we are worrying about as we pray for that Christlike love he can help us overcome that fear or hesitation and give us the courage we need to press on!!!

Other exciting news- I have gotten a really nice farmers tan!! :) we have seen SO much sun this week!  I have been trying to soak up every second that I can because I have no idea how long it will last for!!!  I am one step closer to getting toffee- which is a huge achievement here in England :) oh ya!!
This week we traveled out to a little town in our area called Richmond-- apparently it is the original.  And oh my goodness- I fell in love! IT IS THE CUTEST LITTLE TOWN EVER!!  We contacted all day but it was great because the sun was out, the people were nice, and it was exactly what I pictured England to be!!!! :) 

Other than that not too much to report- we have been doing a lot of finding this week :)  oh and I came up with a new approach!  So I have a disposable camera- and we go up to people when we are contacting at the park or somewhere with nice scenery and I say hey do you mind taking a picture of me and my friend- then I pull out an old school camera- and I say ya I came over from america and I'm sending pictures back home to my mom.  So once the camera is full you will get a lot of pictures of me and sister peck ;)  hahaha but it has been a great approach because it slows people down everytime :)

Tomorrow we have zone conference in york :) and then we are going on exchange with the gateshead sisters- sister Neilson!! Whoop whoop!! So it will be a great week! We are trying to find 3 new investigators this week and schedule them!!  Should be a good week!!!!

Well I love you loads! thanks for all of your love and support!

<3 Sister Monroe