Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pictures from England MTC

Letter from Sister Monroe dated April 24, 2013

Hello family!!!!!! So first week in the MTC = success!!!!!!!!  I LOVE IT HERE!  Ok so much to say, where to start. . . .

There were a lot of missionaries on the plane but there were about 15 elders with us and about 8 sister- so we traveled in a big group- but there were more Elders.

I love this MTC!  it is SO small which is SO nice!!! It's all in one building the cafeteria, laundry  rooms, classes, and I think there is 60 ish missionaries here right now, all of us here got here on the same day and we all leave at the same time so they heard us through as a group, which is great because President and Sister Edwards know us all, it's great!!!

So in my room there are 3 bunk beds and 3 desks with 2 closets on the sides, but there are only 3 of us in the room, so I have my own bunk- and 2 closet!! it is great!!!!!!!  We are right across from bathroom that has a bunch of showers- but we still have to wake up at 6 if we want to beat the lines.

but guess what! I thought I would be so tired and miserable all the time, but mission miracle--- I'm not!!!!!!!! The first 2 days. . . . were very rough but now I wake up and only the first 30 minutes are bad- then i'm fine and I have tons of energy the rest of the day :)

so my companions-- Sister S. - she's from Arizona, she is from the home ward of one of my friends from Disney this summer so we had already met on facebook, smallworld ;) well I love her she is great- super cute and she reminds me a ton of Marylyn, only she has red hair :)
I have another companion- her name is Sister D.- and she is from Lithuania. I am learning lots from her and she is just the nicest girl ever.

so we went to the temple today!! definitely the most beautiful temple I have been too!!!!!!!!  It was so SO SO cool because Sister D. wasn't able to go to the temple before, so Sister S. and I escorted her through- :)  The session holds like 50 people so we went with my zone, it was so cool to have so many missionaries in one session!!! Super powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh btw somehow I ended up with Spencer's bible ??? what the heck?!? I have NO idea how that happened but if he asks where is bible is- it's just seeing the world over here in England.

The first day we got here they told us to prepare a  minute talk and 5 missionaries would randomly be picked for sacrament meeting-the topic was obedience- so right away I thought of dad!!  Well they didn't pick me but in relief society I shared with all the sisters dad's favorite conference story- it was so cool!!!

So I am in the Abinidi district-  the coolest district EVER!! It is so much fun, I love the sisters and the Elders in there make me laugh SO hard! We have awesome teachers, Bro R. and Bro L. (he's been gone most of the time on holiday) but we love R.- he is a Spanish man with a British accent. . . . hahaha he's from Spain but grew up in England- he has taught me SO much and we are always laughing.  He loves to make fun of american accents,

Ok I'm going to try to send some pics, I love you guys and I am so glad to hear that you are all doing good!!

PS your letters made my day!!!! We were walking back from lunch yesteray and I didn't expect anything because I didnt give anyone the mtc address-  and there was nothing in there. so we went to the class room and I had 4 letters sitting on my desk!!!! the elders had already got them, so it was very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!

So I have two words of wisdom for you
1. follow the promptings of the holy spirit!  We watched a devotional of Bednar that was so so good and he taught don't worry if you think it is your or the spirit, if you are being good and doing good just follow it even if it's small.  We learned that as we were teaching our investigators!!!!  Our first lesson = FAIL we didn't teach with the spirit,  but we are learning! and Jose has committed to baptism (we teach the teachers- but they make it VERY real) :)
2. appreciate American toilets!!! Bathrooms are weird here!!!

I love you guys!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

First email from MTC

Here is Sister Monroe's first email from the England MTC dated April 18, 2013...

Whelp guess what!!!!! I made it :)  safe and sound!!! I am at the MTC now and I am supposed to tell you my P-day is on Wednesdays so you will hear more from me next week :)
Once we were at the gate at the airport we all met up there was a ton of us like 15, we laughed and had a jolly good time ;)
Atlanta airport is HUGE but we had SO much time!! International planes- that is the way to go man!!!!!!!!!  The plane has more room, they feed you two meals, free movies (would have been nice but I could only watch G rated Disney movies) but I was able to watch Tangled, Princess and the Frog, and the Incredibles.  By the end there were like 24 missionaries so a big charter bus (called Ava) picked us up!  And what was the first thing I saw while driving out?? None other than a BP! oh the memories with Papaw, Spenc, and Sarah! hahaha and the bus driver drove on the wrong side of the street ;) haha it was weird!!
We got to the MTC and had lunch, now we have a check list of stuff to do and if we get it all done we can shower/take a nap!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! 
So far it has been great!!! I LOVE the people I have met!! We have been laughing nonstop!!!! 
Well I love you guys so so so so so so much!! and remember to be happy :)   Until next week!!
Sister Allison Monroe <3 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Alli's Address :)

Alrighty friends I would love to hear from you! So here is my address :)

Sister Allison Monroe
Leeds England Mission
Lister House, Lister Hill
Horsforth Leeds
England LS 18  5AZ

You can also email at   :)