Thursday, April 18, 2013

First email from MTC

Here is Sister Monroe's first email from the England MTC dated April 18, 2013...

Whelp guess what!!!!! I made it :)  safe and sound!!! I am at the MTC now and I am supposed to tell you my P-day is on Wednesdays so you will hear more from me next week :)
Once we were at the gate at the airport we all met up there was a ton of us like 15, we laughed and had a jolly good time ;)
Atlanta airport is HUGE but we had SO much time!! International planes- that is the way to go man!!!!!!!!!  The plane has more room, they feed you two meals, free movies (would have been nice but I could only watch G rated Disney movies) but I was able to watch Tangled, Princess and the Frog, and the Incredibles.  By the end there were like 24 missionaries so a big charter bus (called Ava) picked us up!  And what was the first thing I saw while driving out?? None other than a BP! oh the memories with Papaw, Spenc, and Sarah! hahaha and the bus driver drove on the wrong side of the street ;) haha it was weird!!
We got to the MTC and had lunch, now we have a check list of stuff to do and if we get it all done we can shower/take a nap!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! 
So far it has been great!!! I LOVE the people I have met!! We have been laughing nonstop!!!! 
Well I love you guys so so so so so so much!! and remember to be happy :)   Until next week!!
Sister Allison Monroe <3 

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