Wednesday, July 31, 2013

07.29.2013 Start of 3rd Transfer -- New Companion from Taiwan

Wow it is so crazy that transfer 3 starts today!! AHHH So Sis R. left (moment of silence) I am going to miss her so much, but I got my new companion! Her name is Sister H., she is from Taiwan- she has been out for about a year but this is only her 2nd area!  She is like the complete opposite from R., but she is super great and I love her a lot.  It is crazy because I am done with the 12 week training program, and Sis H. doesn't take language study so I went from a 7 hour work day to a 9 hour work day. But it has been great! I love it!!  I am learning a lot about patience, since we do things so differently but we are both working so hard and it has been great the past couple of days!

So Sis S. left too, and Sis I. is training again so Sis S. is here- she's from Cali San Diego, she is super cute and the best news is she will go running with me!! YAY! haha Sis S. lasted 2 times and then stopped going with me hahaha so I am way excited! :)

We have a new DL and two new ZLs.  and most of our zone changed so it will be good to get to know everyone.  So they changed the districts up a little bit and I'm not in the Gateshead district anymore, which is sad because Elder H. is still there and he is like our bff.  But we are in the Durham distrtict and our DL is Elder B.l, he has served in Newcastle before, he has actually been on the chinese agenda for a lot of his mission even though he isn't a chinese speaker- (which gives me hope that maybe I can stay that way too!! haha) so it will be great :)

This week has been really good.  So we got in contact with B.- he has been so busy with school and he has his huge project due in 2 weeks and he told me he was afraid that if he gave up the time to study (by praying and reading) and if he got a bad score he would end up not believing in God.  So we met with him and resolved his concern and he promised he would come to sacrament meeting, but then he didn't show up :( so sad. . . . . .

But we had a great lesson with J. and S..  We showed the Finding Faith in Christ dvd.  J. and S were crying through it. So at the end I bore my testimony about the Savior- and the spirit was so strong- I teared up a little. Poor Sis H.- she had no idea what was going on haha.  It was so great though!  J. told us she wouldn't come to church but we got them to commit to saying a family prayer this week (for J. that is a big step).  Then J. and S. left and we had a great member visit with J.- her other daughter C. lives in our ward with her husband and 3 of their kids.  I guess P. is having serious heart problems and J. was so stressed about them, their kids, and J. and S.- so we had a really good talk with her and she asked me to say a prayer for the family.  It was a really powerful experience.  I love the little miracles we see with that family!

So M. and J., the couple we found last week street contacting, they are so great! They went on holiday and when they came back we met with them and M. said she believes in God.  She had an amazing experience with prayer while they were gone. Sis R. taught her in relief society that once we love and accept God we should serve other people. So M. decided since she doesn't have a job where she could share her money with the poor that she would donate her time at a charity shop. So that is what she is doing now!! M. wasn't able to come to church because of that- but J. came and had another great experience!  They are coming to FHE tonight and we are so excited for them!!!!!!!!!!! and we found out they don't live together! so we are so excited that we don't have to tell them that one of them has to move out! hahaha

Pres and sister P. came to our ward to speak- they were so great! Pres P. is such a great speaker!  He talked about missionary work and how it isn't scary and how they are already doing it.  It was so great for the ward to hear- and we are trying to work even harder with the ward in our missionary efforts.  Then all the sisters had our interviews with him, he is so great and President and sister P’s are worried about my health and they are really supportive and he was impressed with the work that we have done and building up the chinese group. I really really really really like the P’s! and their british humor- hilarious! hahaha

Well that is all I got for this week :) I love you loads!  Hope everyone is doing well!!!!  <3 Sister Monroe

07.23.2013 Transfer Calls

Hey family!! So transfer calls came in last night and I AM STAYING IN NEWCASTLE!!! Even though we all knew I was going to stay here I was so relieved!!! I love it here so much!!

Ok So much has happened that I don't even know where to begin. . But I am working on a letter so you should get it soon and it has more details. . .

Well the chinese group- it is growing SO MUCH!  Everyother week the chinese break off and have their own seperate meetings.  Ever since it has started we have seen so many miracles!  We had 6 investigators at church this last Sunday! and the other sisters had 6 as well! plus those that are already members, the group was around 23!  And the sisters had a baptism this week and another one next week- it is so amazing to watch it grow!! FHE is so much fun and the chinese love it!  Sis I. and I are going to work SO hard this transfer, we want to see the chinese group become it's own branch!!!! The only problem with that is no one we teach stays in England, they are all students so we have to find solid men who can receive the Melchezidek (ya have no idea how to spell that one) priesthood.  I am so so so so glad I get to stay here because I am so excited to be a part of these miracles and to watch it grow and to get to help as many people as I can!!!

So B. was supposed to get interviewed Saturday- he was so golden.  But he texted us told us he was tired after going to the gym so he wasn't coming. then he didn't come to church- or FHE and he hasn't called us back or responded to our texts.  So I hope that he eventually calls us. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  so sad.

S. and J. were out of town this week :/

We found a great couple! There names are M. and J.!  We have only met with them once, but they also came to church and they had such a great experience so I am way excited to continue to teach them!  Oh and B., he told me to call him after transfer calls because he would be really sad if R. and I both left, haha

Ok so transfer calls- crazy how one call changes everything, oh the drama that went down yesterday!  All I knew was that R. was leaving and (don't share this with to many people).  Sister I. has been called to train again! so sis Seely is leaving and I am getting Sis H.- i am so excited!!!!  She has been out almost a year, and everything I have ever heard about her is good!  I hear she is really funny and works super hard!  So I am so excited!!!! and we are going to crank it in Newcastle!!!

I went to the Doctor, there wasn't much they could do.  Did I already tell you this? It all blurs together. . . umm but I am feeling really really good right now! they want me to see a cardiologist but i'm not so sure- i'm feeling good now and that just takes time and there isn't a whole lot they can do.  But stop worrying! hahaha I'm good for reals! and Sis P. has really become like a mom to me, she checks up on me and is so worried.  Actually President is speaking in our ward next Sunday so she'll be up here and I'll get to talk to her more!

I am so so so sad to lose R..  She has been such an amazing trainer and companion, I love her to death and she has been so great! We have had so much fun together- wow maybe too much fun but we have worked so so hard.  Right now Sis R. and I carrying our zone!  I love her to death and it will be weird to be in newcastle with out my ''mom''. . But I am so excited for her!

ok I will send pics- have a great week! Love you!

~Sis Monroe

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

07.15.2013 Feeling Better!

Hey family!! So before I forget, thank you for fasting for me!  And please give a special shout out to Emily and Syd- thanks so much for thinking of me and for fasting- I know fasting is really hard but it really really helped me!!!
I know you are dying to hear so- I called sister P. on Friday, I had to tell her all of my symptoms, whats been going on and then she phones someone in America and tells them.  So someone from Etna will be calling me today to tell me when and where I will go to meet with the doctor.  But I should have an appointment either tomorrow or Wednesday :)  So never frett!!!!!!  But I am doing loads better than before!!!  So thank you all for your prayers and support! I can really feel them over here in England! 

This week was really great!  So we went to Durham last p-day, and no big deal but the durham cathedral is where they filmed parts of harry potter!!!  Hahaha I was so excited!! You can't take pictures inside but in the middle there is a court yard and I took lots of pics there because that is in the first 4 movies :) hahaha but it was so much fun! and BEAUTIFUL!!! we climbed to the top of the tower, 325 stairs and at the start there is a sign that says climb at your own risk.  But it was so much fun!! I forgot my camera today so i'll send pics next week!!!

It has been so so so hot here lately!! We haven't seen rain in like 2 weeks- which is weird! and England doesn't know how to handle heat- most buildings don't have air conditioning so we have been teaching outside in the shade- and I am starting to get horrible tan lines! hahaha and my hair is getting so blonde!!! what the heck! it's crazy! 

Monday we had the most epic FHE, we are really trying to make chinese FHE amazing so that all of our investigators will bring friends- that way we can start teaching their friends and really strengthen the group we have! 

S. and J. are doing great! S. is just so adorable!  We were going to ask J. if S. could be baptized so that way R. will get to see it before she goes home, but they are going to be out of town next weekend so sadly it doesn't work :(

B. is doing great, he is going to start to come teaching with us and he is way excited!

Our investigator B. is getting interviewed next week!!  The only thing that is holding him back is yesterday was his first time at church and they have to come at least 2 times before getting baptized.  But he is so great!  We LOVE B.! He is hilarious and he really wants to become perfect so the gospel makes him really really happy knowing that one day he can live with God and be perfect.  His faith is so strong.  I have never met more humble people, the chinese are so sincere and humble!

We met with W. this week!!  we randomly called him and he said he wanted to meet with us again, it was so great we sat there and bore our testimonies and he said he had read from the BoM since we saw him last! It is so great because I had a feeling my time with W. wasn't over!

Well it has a great week! I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well and having fun!! I love you loads!!!!!
<3 Sister Monroe