Monday, May 12, 2014

05.12.2014 - Skype is Great!

Hello family!! Well it was great to skype you for a bit! I am still so excited for spencer!!!! yay!!

Not too much to report! but last night when we were walking home I had just said 'sister peck I REALLY want a new investigator!' and we felt impressed to knock at this less actives house- we talked to her for a while at the door step- turns out it has been ages since she has been to church and she has a lot of kids who have never been.  We were able to get a return appointment with her which is great!!  As we were walking there was this guy who was coming towards us and we looked at each other and since it was like 8:40 we knew this was probably our only chance- we talked to him and he was great!  He has been really wondering if there was a God who is there!  He has a 8 year old daughter who believes but he is unsure :) oh ya!  We will get to see him again on Wednesday!!!

Well today we are going to Newcastle on exchange :)   love you lots! have a great week!!

<3 Sister Monroe

05.06.2014 -- Transfers :(

Well I'm still a little in shock- I wasn't really expecting to leave, I am really excited for the next adventure and so grateful for the time that I have had in South Shields <3

We have had another great week in South Shields!! Things were looking up in our area- we just found 2 new investigators!!  That was so exciting! It was a miracle really- we were walking to a potentials house and we went a different way than we had planned- this guy was just sitting outside and we started talking to him, it was great!  He is religious and was so excited to hear more about the gospel!!  We just sat outside with him and taught him about the Book of Mormon :)

We had such a crazy busy week!!!

The first part of the week we were on exchange with the Newcastle uni sisters :)  We brought little Sister Lu, she is from mainland china, to our area and I stayed with her while Peck went to Newcastle.  It was a great exchange! We found SO many people!!!!!! It was the rain after a drought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is so cute as well- it was her first time ever knocking and she was terrified of dogs and cats!

On Thursday we had mission leadership council- it was also really good :)  talked a lot about planning and how important it is-  I've always been a planner, I got that from you mom :) but we were talking about how truly important it is to be able to make the best use of our time.  I love President Pilkington he is so funny- he was on a role throughout the meeting- Sister Peck and I were dying of laughter!  Then we went to Newcastle to go on exchange with the other sisters.  I got to go with Sister Rossi- it was so great to go with her! We were in the same district in the MTC!!

It was actually so poetic to be on exchange with Sister Rossi in Newcastle this week- this past Thursday was my one year mark from when I actually entered the mission field.  I got on a transfer bus with Sister Robison and we traveled for hours up to Newcastle.  The next day was my first day- I remember it so clearly- we were out in Newcastle City Centre (which is HUGE- really big city) and we were street contacting- I remember feeling SO nervous! especially when she said ok now you are going to do it by yourself!!  Well that day exactly a year later I was street contacting in Newcastle City Centre- not as nervous, just so happy to be out in that huge city to share the gospel!!!!!!  It was a really special experience!  I realized how much I have changed :) and how fast time goes by- it really gave me a sense of urgency - not just in missionary work but in life in general.  Life is so short and it is so important to be putting the best things first!  The Gospel, family that is what is truly important and if we don't put those things first one day we will wake up and be sad about our choices! 

We also had an amazing experience contacting that day- we were talking to this lady and she was SO interested, we went into the library and she said ''you probably think i'm weird but I've always wondered why there are so many different churches'' and we taught her lesson 1! she was so appreciative when we gave her a book of mormon! Oh my she was SO prepared! It was an amazing miracle!  She doesn't even live in Newcastle she lives in Gateshead- so we passed her to sister Neilson! But it was so great to find her!!

This weekend has been great- we did our last FHE with E. last night, and we are going to be saying goodbye to our South Shields family tonight.  Miracle all my stuff fits into my suitcases and I'm pretty much packed.  Tomorrow I will be headed into the industrial part of England- into Darlington :) I am really excited for this opportunity to go on an adventure with Sister Peck :) it will be great!!

I'll let you know about skype as soon as I can!  If you could send an email with the username and password- that would be great!  and We will probably skype like at 5 or 7 ish so it will be morning for you.  I think the same rules apply as last time- only an hour and what not-- but I AM SO EXCITED!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!! Love you!!!

<3 Sister Monroe

04.28.2014 -- A lot of Finding in the Rain

Hey family :) well this week was a lot of finding in the rain :) I hope it's true that april showers bring may flowers because if it is true then England is going to be FULL of flowers!!!

All in all it was another great week here in South Shields <3

We spent all pday with E., J., the other sisters and the Gateshead sisters :) It was such a great day!! It's crazy because the 6 sister missionaries- we have been together for 6 months!!! I just love them all so much and being with E. and J. :) Emma was wearing a maxi skirt and she was like look I look like a sister!! and she was so excited :)

I went on exchange this week with Sister Benner in Gateshead and we had SO much fun! Oh my gosh she is hilarious! And we found a new investigator!! Which really is so rare in Gateshead- I've just been so lucky to be on exchange and both times finding someone new! We are trying to get that to happen in our area!! But it was so fun because I got to go to that lady that we found last time I was there with Sister Neilson!

This week was Sister Nigido's birthday :)  we made german pancakes and made them into the italian flag- with kiwis cool whip and strawberries- got kinder eggs and hid them around the house- and then at night had a spa dance party with face masks :) and guess what! We found Belle!! The missing kinder egg surprise complete :)

With a week of finding there really isn't that many stories to tell!!!  But we got flogged one night by the less active that we were supposed to see- this evening happened to be dry and warm so that was good :) but we were knocking and we met this guy- he is an elementary school teacher at a catholic school and we had the best conversation with him!  sis Peck and I were like no way we were both at the same University studying to be elementary school teachers!  He was really interested in the Book of Mormon! The spirit was so strong as we were talking to him!!! It was great and the best news of all- we have a phone number and address :) so we will be seeing him this week! Oh man wish us luck!!!

I guess God is trying to teach us something by all of this finding!!
We were visiting one of the less actives that we see everyweek- I love this family SO much!  At first when we started visiting them it was pretty awkward and they didn't seem to really want us there- but we have gone in and loved them, made them laugh, and taught them and now she is always asking us when we can come the next week- it has been so great to see the Spirit change them!  They told us that they know that they are missing church in their lives and that they just need to come back- and we were so excited to hear that!! They also gave their daughter a Book of Mormon, the family is going through a really hard time and they said they knew it would help her.  We are so exciting because we are hoping to do a family home evening with them and start teaching her! :)

Well this is the last full week.   .  .  . we are starting to get worried- their is just no way that Nigido Lybbert and I can stay together any longer so we are just trying to live it up this week :)

Well love you lots!  <3

happy birthday mom and emmy!!! <3

<3 sis Monroe

04.22.2014 -- Another great week here in South Shields!!! Time is still FLYING by!!

Hey family!!!! Well another great week here in south shields!!!  Time is still FLYING by!!

So this week we had our zone training meeting and interviews with President.  When I got in for my interview I was so happy because President never brought up the car and the gas situation! :) So at the end he was like anything else Sister Monroe?? And I told him how sorry I was!!!!! and He hit his hand against his head and said ''ugh that is what I was talking about!  Those zone leaders should use their heads a little more and they should have told you!!!'' :) so all is good there :) both President and Sister Pilkington think it was the zone leaders fault ;)  :D hahaha

Sounds like Disney was a really fun trip!!!  I got to go away this week too! All the way over to Stanley :) Went on exchange with Sister Sewell- and that was great because we took the zone leaders car and set off and Sis Peck and Allen stayed in South Shields.  It was such a good exchange!!! We saw so many miracles!!  We found a new investigator and taught some great lessons! :) 

Came back for Easter weekend- they really go all out here for Easter weekend. They celebrate Good Friday all the way to the Monday :) But here in South Shields it is just an excuse to get wasted all weekend- oh man so so many drunks!!!!!  It ended up being hilarious- a drunk less active came up to us on the street- I kind of was backing away but sister peck couldn't tell that he was drunk so she stood there smiling- he goes in for a hug and she must have taken karate because she hit his arm and said ''NO!''  it was the funniest thing to watch! 
We are still working hard trying to find new people!!  we have done SO much finding recently!! Wish us luck because today we have an appointment with a potential! She is so cute and has 2 adorable kids!!!

One of those days when we were contacting I was a guy sitting on the steps across the street- I had such a strong prompting to go talk to him- so we did!  Turns out he was such an angry man! He was telling us that we are wrong and that we don't know what we really believe in.  Anyways we testified and were really blunt with him.  Then after talking with him for a while we walked away and I was thinking- why? why would I have a prompting to talk to that guy?! He was a jerk!  And true he needed a chance to hear the gospel- but I got my answer the next door we knocked at.  This really nice young mom answered the door- she said she had literally just walked in!  So we had a great chat with her! She isn't too interested but said we could come back this week, so that was a tender mercy to me- being lead to someone who would listen to us :) if we wouldn't have talked to that guy we would have missed her!!

Then Saturday I went on exchange with Sis Nigido! Oh man I LOVE that girl!!!!  Living with her for 6 months :) the best thing ever!!  But we had such a great exchange!! We street contacted over near the beach :) and it was the most natural contacting that I have ever done! She is so great and we had so much fun!!!

Easter Sunday was so great :) I was overwhelmed with happiness as I walked in the chapel- with the ward that I love so so so much!  I was going around talking to people and just so happy.  In sunday school I sat with shaun on my left and emma on my right and I was just thinking this must be what heave feels like!!  Then after sacrament I took a step back and just looked around- I just love these people so much!!  I loved sharing this special time of year with them and to be there serving them! 

:) Such a good week!!

And on a less spiritual note- The South shield sisters are trying to collect all of the disney princesses from the kinder eggs-- the best chocolate ever with a surprise toy inside, guess they are illegal in america- shame ;(--- but ya we kind of went crazy 20 in a week--  but hey we have been using them for finding so that has been good!  We have all of them except for belle! :(  and we have about 5 cinderellas and 4 snow whites!  You should have seen how excited nigido and I were when we found ariel.   .  .  haha oh how the little things become exciting when you are a missionary! 

have a good week!!

<3 Sis Monroe