Monday, October 13, 2014

10.13.2014 - This has been the best week!! We have seen so many miracles!!!

This has been the best week!! We have seen so many miracles!!!

We got this referral from of a girl called S.  We went and knocked her house, not going to lie I'm always a little hesitant because I have gotten a few fake referrals before. . . but she is AMAZING!!  We have taught her twice, she came to church yesterday with her 2 boys!! She has a son called B. who is 12 and a son called K. who is 3. The first lesson was powerful!  She has gone through some really tough times, never was brought up to believe in God or any religious beliefs really, somehow she referred her self because she knew she wanted something different in her life! In the first lesson when she prayed, she started crying :)
The second time we saw her, her mother in law was there- at first we were like oh no hope it goes ok, but we just invited her in on the lesson and the mother in law, C., is SO prepared as well!  She LOVED what we taught about the Book of Mormon and prophets! She is really religious but she wants us to start teaching her as well!!! Huge miracle two new great investigators!!!
S. is now in 1 Nephi 13, she says when she reads she feels really calm, also that when she reads she just wants to do good and be good :) Just like in Moroni 7!

Also Co. came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoo whoo whoo!! We have been trying so hard to get her there! What made all the difference, she started reading the Book of Mormon!  She actually tried this week, she taught it was going to be really boring (she is not the biggest fan of the bible) but she has really enjoyed it! She is in 1 Nephi 7!  She liked church and her 3 kids loved it as well :)

So this week it has really helped strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon! It is amazing how once both of them started reading the felt a desire to change, to come to church and to do good! Just goes to show how true the Book of Mormon is! There is a power from the Book of Mormon and by reading it we truly do come closer to Christ!

The biggest miracle. . . . Y. GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO it was such a great service! So many people came out to support him! :) He was SO happy after!  He was beaming!  It has been absolutely amazing to see that change in him over the past month! He has so much more confidence than he had before- as well as so much more happiness!

Remember M. in Darlington, who got baptized right after I left?!  Well guess what, he got the priesthood!!!!! :) I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Decker and I have been having so much fun! We were knocking the other day and got in 2 times!  We found 3 new investigators this week! and those 3 as well as our others are progressing so much!! :)

Love you all!!
Sister Monroe  

10.06.2014 -- (another) Best Week Ever!

Yep. We had the best week ever again in Huddersfield!!! I really love Sister Decker!!! We are having so much fun and working hard, it has been the best!

I also LOVE this ward!! Huddersfield 2, wow they are SO missionary minded and so supported of us missionaries!  On Monday there was a family that invited us over for a family home evening with C., I don't know if I have told you much about her but she is this super amazing lady we are teaching! They are really good friends with her! So they had her and her kids over and we taught a lesson on prophets.  It was so much fun!  We really got the kids involved, and she was just soaking it all up! Her face was just beaming as we were teaching her about prophets, who they are, why they are so important :) And the members were fabulous as well!! They were getting involved and smiling, they were really feeling the missionary spirit! It was amazing!! :)

A member came out with us on Tuesday, we was supposed to come teach our investigator A. with us, but A. ended up flogging.  So I called Bro Simpson to tell him, I thought he was going to say- well next time let me know and I'll come so I was so surprised when he said  ''Well, we won't be defeated!  Let's still go out and visit people!''  It was a great night, we went into 2 members homes and shared messages and uplifted them :)  This ward, seriously! Soooo good!!!

We had the most powerful lesson with V., our Chinese investigator, this week! We taught her the Restoration.  It was amazing how her whole countenance changed!  At first when we asked her if she thought it would be important to have a prophet on the earth, she said 'mmmm ya for those that believe in God it would be important' then by the end of the lesson she was in awe, she said' wow there is a prophet on the earth now? I think that is something I should find out.' so we invited her to pray and read the Book of Mormon and she was so excited and committed to do it!!  I loved that lesson! She truly is one who is kept from the truth because she knew not where to find it, now that it is being taught to her she is loving it!

Conference was so great wasn't it?!  Y. came with us, and E. as well.  We actually found out some sad news, E. is moving to Manchester next week :(  we are so sad!  But she said that she will continue to meet with missionaries there! :) Good thing the church is still true no matter where you go!

I just can't believe how fast time is going!!! It just seems like yesterday I was with Robision in Newcastle!!  Tell Spencer to not blink, and to never waste a minute, they are too precious to waste!

Just a thought to ponder, I have been studying Nephi a lot recently, actually throughout my whole mission- he's my favourite!!  But I was reading in 2 Nephi 2:15-16 where he talks about how he delights in reading the scriptures, and his heart ponders them continually.  It was then I realized that that is the key to happiness and success!! Nephi is full of the Christ-like attribute of hope, he goes through the same trials as Lamen and Lemuel, but his hope carries him through and he knows that the Lord is there beside him- so he never complains-- 2 Nephi 4:20 (Lamen's perspective 1 Nephi 16:20) and I realized Nephi has such strong hope and faith because he loved the scriptures so much!!!!!  The words of the prophets give us hope! Nephi's secret to happiness, and optimism!! So as we follow Nephi's example and immerse ourselves in the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, we are guided to our Saviour and our hope and happiness is strengthened!!! I have experienced this SO much on my mission, I LOVE the scriptures!!

Also another thought, the Chinese investigators tell Elder Leui that church is boring. He responds with ''change your attitude!'' the wise words of my Chinese friend!!

I love you guys!

<3 Sister Monroe

So tired during planning

Eating Healthy! ):

09.29.2014 - Acting on Faith

Hey family!!! The weirdest thing happened this week, the sun was out ALL week!! It was warm even!! :) so that just added to the great week!

Oh man we have had such a crazy busy week!! Here are some of the highlights.  

For months now I have wanted to have a sisters meeting, I asked President forever ago when I was a sister training leader- if we could get with the sisters we were over and have like a sisters district meeting. Well the wait paid off because we had one this week!!!!!! It was so exciting! We got to go up to Leeds :)  So there were 16 sisters there and 5 of them were my former companions!!  It was so great to see Sisters Scott, Peck, Staheli, Howard and sister Decker-- and Sisters Lybbert and Cochran were there!!!  It was so fun to see everyone!!
The meeting was really really good!  We talked a lot about letting our lights shine, developing our talents and not comparing ourselves to others.  I shared a thought that came into my mind, if a fish were to compare itself to a cheetah, it could become discouraged because it can't run as fast.  But a fish wasn't created to run, it was created to swim and the fish can do that really well.  It was super cheesy but everyone loved it ;) haha sisters really love cheesy things ;)

So coming back from the meeting a huge miracle happened!  We sat down and Sister Decker and I were talking about the meeting and we had some snacks with us- it had been a crazy day.  So we were talking and then I started choking. I couldn't breath!  the guy across from me had a bottle of Coke and he handed it over,  so then we started talking to him. I told him he saved my life! haha but he is such a cool guy!  He lives in Bradford so we are going to send the elders there over to him!  He saved my life we saved his soul hopefully ;)  So that could just seem like a coincidence but as we were talking to him he told us how he had missed his train by 4 minutes, so he ended up talking this one that stopped in Leeds.  I really feel like we were guided to him!! :)
On other big news, we scheduled Y.!!!  He is scheduled for the 11th of October! and he is so excited! It was such a powerful lesson, the Spirit truly was working through Sister Decker and myself!  I was saying things, and after I said them I was thinking wow! that is so true!  I was learning myself!!!  He is facing a lot of what Papaw faced, and it is so inspired for me to be teaching him!  At one point I said 'Y., what if my grandpa wouldn't have had the courage to act on his faith, what if the fear and the worries of what if would have made him give up. I wouldn't be here right now!' and that was so powerful! I told him how eternally grateful I am for Papaw! and that someday his children and grandchildren will be grateful that he did what he knew was right!  :)
We had zone training meeting! It was as always SO good!! It was all about having a positive attitude and how the CLA of hope can help us with that!!!  :) 
Well I love you and I hope that you have a great week! yay for conference!!! 

<3 Sister Monroe

Monroe on his beanie

He saved my Life!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

09.22.2014 -- Great Ward

Oh man, such a busy week!!!  But so good :)

I just feel so blessed to be where I am!  Our ward is amazing! They are so willing to do ANYTHING for our investigators!  Cottage evenings are really big right now in our ward, we got a new ward mission leader about the same time I came into the ward and he is really good at getting things done! We have a cottage meeting every Monday with all the missionaries, our investigators! Sunday it was amazing, we had so many families come up to us and ask if we could come by this week with either E. and . or Y.  The ward really really loves these 3 investigators!  And I do too!!  There was one family that just invited E. over for family home evening tonight, we heard about it through E.! haha

Y., wow what a champ!  You know my testimony this week has been strengthened by seeing how hard the adversary is fighting against him! Bless him, it is crazy- he is being attacked at every single angle! But he went to the temple on Tuesday! With the YSA!  They gave him a quad while he was there!!!  T., a member from Leeds, stayed out on the grounds with him.  He had a really good experience!!  :)  We brought him to another baptism this week!  It was such a sweet baptism!  He is now praying about getting baptized on the 11th of October!!
One of our lessons with him was probably one of the highlights of my mission!  He was testifying about how he KNOWS this is right, and what he needs to do!  Then he was telling us how is family is about to kick him out and telling us how hard it is for him.  Wow the Spirit was so strong in that lesson!  It is amazing to see what some people sacrifice for the truth!

E. and L.! Oh, they are AMAZING!  E. is the sweetest thing ever! I love her to death!!!!  We made her tacos, it was her first time having Mexican food!  It was the first time I had had them in a really long time!  We were reading the Book of Mormon with her yesterday, and she was getting so excited! She was hooked, really into the story of Nephi getting the plates.  It was so nice to see, the excitement and love she has for the Book of Mormon!  I think we all should be that excited and love the scriptures as much as she does!!

T., he is amazing and giving us Chinese referrals left and right!  The other day when he called I said ''Ah! T. you're the BEST!!'' and he answered ''Nah, I'm just your average Chinese guy walking the streets.''  Bless him, he is so funny!  He is just so willing to have all of his friends meet us! Too bad he isn't so willing to come to church ;) we're working on that though :) 

We were going to an appointment with one of our Chinese investigators and it was on a Saturday night, at the University. Probably not the best idea--  But we get there he pulls out his BoM in Chinese and English and he tells us that he has been praying and reading and that he is loving it!  We were so excited!  Then his roommate comes in, with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and a lot of shot glasses.  . . Ya in that moment we didn't feel so great, so we got out of there.  We were so bummed because the lesson was going to be so good!  But when we were walking the pitch black cold streets, there was this lady who had been crying. We went over to see if we could help her, she had been going through a lot and at the end we gave her our number.  She was on her way to commit suicide that night, and we were so blessed to be in her path and calm her down! 

Love you!
~Sister Monroe  

09.15.2014 -- Red Lipstick (Best Week Ever!!!)

Hey family!!!

Oh my goodness, BEST WEEK EVER!!!!

So I was able to make the rounds and say goodbye to some of the people I love in Keighley, A. was really sad I was leaving- but we had an amazing lesson with her!  <3

Transfer meeting was THE BEST, because almost every sister was getting transferred, so I got to see so many of my mission friends!  Which is good because it was kind of my last chance!  But Sister Neilson and Morris were there, my two beautiful daughters :) as well as Sister Monroy, who is Sister Neilson's daughter :) happy to see the family all together ;)

I am LOVING Huddersfield! I am just so sad I only get 6 weeks here, but it's ok because I am making the most of every minute!!  Sister Robison served her for like a year, she was here ages! And I guess she has posted all over facebook that I was coming and to take good care of her mission daughter :) So I felt like a movie star walking into the chapel on Sunday ;) haha

But really it is amazing! I have been here like 4 days, I have already had hotpot with a group of Chinese people, placed 3 copies of the Chinese Books of Mormon!  Neither one of us speak Chinese but having served for 7 1/2 months in 2 Chinese areas, plus my time in Leeds, I have been really blessed with experience with these amazing people!  Huddersfield is beautiful and it is a great mix between city and country :) It's perfect!!
I'm serving with Sister Decker, she is from Lehi and I love her to death! We are having so much fun and working hard!! 

So we have amazing investigators!!  There is this guy we are teaching called Y., we clicked right away!  We have had 2 lessons with him since I have been here, and they have both been two of the most powerful lessons I have ever experienced!!!   He really wants to get baptized, but there are some fears he has, mostly with his family, that are stopping him at the moment.  We had the most incredible lesson on faith and over coming fear through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Right after there was a baptism for the Huddersfield 1 ward so he got to witness that.  Powerful.  He really wants to get baptized sooner now!!  He taught our gospel principles class on Sunday! hahaha it was AMAZING! He is going to the temple with the YSA tomorrow, and we are praying that as he is outside the temple, the Lord will answer his prayers about when he should be baptized :)  He says the most sincere prayers, and it really has made me think, Y. knows that he is conversing with God when he prays, he takes his time and truly pours out his soul to God.  I wonder if our prayers are like that or if we just rush through.  Do we realize we are talking to the most powerful Being- our Heavenly Father?  So I have really focused on prayer this week :) and I have NEVER been happier!!!

We are teaching a couple called E. and L., E. is from Greece and L. is from Albania. I love them!  E. is the best! She is so fun and she has such a strong testimony in God, it is unbelievable.  She loves the Book of Mormon so much!!!  They are my great! and when we come to England they really really want to meet you guys :)  E. loves coming to church! She finds such great peace as she comes, which is amazing because she has had some really tough challenges over the past few months.

Then there is this less active called T., actually Sister Robison was his missionary!! Well he wanted us to come by on Saturday because he had some friends who wanted to learn about ''the God''. We go and he had 5 friends for us to teach!  It was incredible!  It was also amazing because the Spirit really guided me, I was able to remember ALOT of Chinese!!!  and I was saying quite a few words and phrases, they were all amazed! So we had a lesson on prayer, and then all of us knelt in prayer- and it was the best experience I have ever had in my life.  The faith and humility that each one of them had, all coming together hearing their first ever prayer, the Spirit was SO strong.  Each one of them said that they felt it! 

We went back last night, and had hotpot with them :) and we all know how much I love Chinese food! so I was happy! Then we taught about the Book of Mormon, they are so excited to read it!  It is amazing!!!

We were contacting and we met this lady, she has a very strong belief in God and she has come across a lot of LDS missionaries.  We talked to her forever, she told us that she had prayed that morning for something, anything, but she just needed to be reminded that God loved her.  She kept telling us that we were angels and that she could see the Saviour in our faces.  It was amazing, the Spirit was strong and it was incredible to be the Saviour's hands and reach out and talk to her and be the answer to her prayers!  I know that God hears and answers EVERY single prayer that we say. Because He heard my prayers, this is EXACTLY where I need to be. I have never felt so strongly, that I am needed in an area than I do here in Huddersfield!  It is incredible!

So happy :)  and Sister Decker is changing me, I now wear bright red lip stick and run every morning ;) hahaha

I love you guys so much!

have a good week!!!