Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Very Good Week - some Pranks on District Leaders!

Hiya! you alright?? that is how everyone greets each other here-

Well this has been a very good week!  I have learned a lot!! 

Good ole W. is doing great! I met W. my very first day.  Well I love W. so much and it has been amazing to see the change in him from when I met him 2ish weeks ago!  He is reading and praying and is excited to meet with us.  We taught him the word of wisdom this week- which is so hard because tea is who they are (really i had someone tell me that ;) at first he wasn't really willing.  he said he wouldn't smoke anymore and he would just drink a little bit and that he couldn't give up tea.  We kept testifying to him and teaching him and by the end of the lesson he said he would do it!! WAHOO!!! he also said a beautiful prayer at the end of the lesson asking for help- and for W. to ask for help from God is a BIG CHANGE!! so it was great!!

We had stake conference yesterday- it took like 2 1/2 hours to get there because the metro was down and we had so many bus problems, but it was really good and we got 3 investigators out there! Which is huge because Sunderland is far away and for them to come that early was really great!!!!!!!!!!

We played the best prank on our district leader :) when the other sisters were following up sister R. and I were ''yelling'' at each other in the background- and sister I. was like oh no here they go again and they kept doing there follow up. so when they passed the phone it was just me and I was telling Elder E. how sister R. was on my last nerve and how I couldn't handle it any more (the whole time R. and the other sisters were in the room listening) and sis R. comes in and we were yelling at each other and we hung up the phone.  he called right back and sister S. answered and said sis R. just punched sis monroe and blood is everywhere. he totally bought it and he was kind of freaking out- I was pretending to cry and sis R. was pretending to be so mad. and then he told the other sisters to get us seperated and he was going to call the zone leaders (they live pretty close to us) and we all got silent and started to bust up laughing.  It was a great prank because E. freaked out :) but please tell Spence to send some prank ideas my way!!  haha

I went on exchange this week with Sister I., it was great to get out with her and I learned a lot.  we also had a lot of fun and cranked it hard! 

We went to dinner as a district this week (that is Sis R., S., I. and Elder E. and H.) anytime the whole district gets standards of excellence the Elder's ward mission leader takes the district out to a nice dinner.  I don't know why he did it though because only 2 teams got it- I guess he just wanted to meet us.  we went to a place called Tony Carvery and it was so SO good!!!!!!!!! He goes to utah every month for business and he knows exactly where spanish fork is- he said he works a lot in provo. he was one of the nicest people ever.

that's so sad to hear about sis p.'s husband!  she is so sweet!!!

The kids are almost done with school, YAY! what adventures do you have planned?? besides baseball games?? so occasionally people wear yankee hats

whoa parker is 16?! wow!! tell him happy late birthday!!! and uhh jake has a bday around here too right? and luke?? mark?? give a shout out to the fam!! Tell them I love them all!! and I hope you are telling gramps all my stories!! ask him if he likes yorkshire pudding, and if he ever had cow stomach, and if custard was something he ate every day at tea. 

well fam I love you all!!!!!! you are the best! 
much love!
Sister Monroe :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First email from Mission Field!!!

Well hello family!!  I did make it safe and sound and I am glad you got the email from president and sister L - so my area is called Newcastle Upon Tyne.   Don't let the name be deceiving  it is a bigger city so ummm nothing like I was expecting England to be like. not fancy or proper at all ;) But emmy it is almost as far north as you can go so I have been keeping my eye out for a 1D singer- but haven't found any yet ;)
So SUNDAY I AM SKYPING HOME!! yay! thanks dad for sending the account and password- you are one step ahead of the game! so I will be skyping at 5pm England time. . . I don't know what time that is for you guys. . . . but before I call home on Sunday it would be great if you guys logged onto mine and called yours so I have your account name and to make sure everything is working.  will you send a quick email before sunday to write your skype name down?  So everything should work and I will see you guys on Sunday!!
So happy bank holiday- that is why I didn't email home on monday- the library was closed but we were still able to have Pday, so we went to the beach :) pretty much everyone in the area came- it was a BLAST! fish and chips, beach volleyball, and of course football (soccer in USA) - it wouldn't be england without football.
I love it guys!! I love my trainer, her name is Sister R. and she is great!  She is super supportive and has been out a long time so she is FULL of knowledge.  So how it worked was on Wednesday we traveled by bus to a church in Leeds- and we had some orientation then the missionaries started to come and all the newbies got to bare their testimonies. then all the sisters lined up- president introduced all of us and said who their trainer was they ran up and gave us a hug.  So he gets to me my trainer runs up- and president says to everyone Sister Monroe how comfortable are you with Chinese. . . uhhhhh???? he said well looks like you'll be learning lots.  . . .my heart dropped. . . . . so ya she is assigned to speak chinese and most of our investigators are chinese.  we do most of the lessons in english with a little chinese but there is one that doesn't speak any english. . our sunday school class is all chinese. . . .and they are ordering me a chinese name tag.  But never frett because I am assigned English so I am supposed to teach in english any chinese I pick up is just for me I'm not required to learn any, but it would be helpful ;)
so I already had an experience with NASTY FOOD! what the heck i'm in england I'm supposed to get good stuff right?! nope! SO it was my second day here and we were at our tea appointment (ps that means dinner appointment) so we were at a families house from Africa - super nice family - so they bring out the soup. . . . it was cow stomach and brain. . . . I tried my hardest to eat it. . but there was hair on the back side of every single piece and I chocked like half of it down but I just couldn't do it. . . . I felt so bad. they are the nicest family ever. . . . EWWWWWWWWW welcome to the mission ;)
So there are 4 of us living in our flat- which is GREAT! they are in the same situation - trainer called to speak chinese but it is the BIGGEST tender mercy/ blessing ever because the other girl her name is Sister S and she was the first sister I met at the airport- we became very fast friends and I love her to death! and we are living together!!!!! It is SO much fun! and so the 4 of us are in the same ward and so are our zone leaders- so 6 missionaries in one ward. and oh my gosh this ward is tiny! pretty sure one year at lake powell we had more people on the house boat than there were at sacrament meeting! But its great :) the support of members is pretty good- we have tea appointments almost every night which is so fun because we are meeting the members and it's the 6 of us so it is always so much fun! one of the elders is hilarious and all of us get along great!!!
oh the flat I live in has been Elder's apartment for the past 5 years. . .. and our district leader cleaned it for 6 hours before we came- it is pretty good now but they left us pics of what it used to look like. . . NASTY!! hahah but it is a pretty big flat on top of a hair salon- you have to go through this gate to get there and it reminds me a lot of New York- which btw YAY for Sarah!! I love her SO much and I am so excited for her!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY
So I get around by metro, bus and walking. and I still have not seen ANY rain since I've been here! it rained like 2 at the MTC but I was inside so doesn't really count- I know I just jinxed myself. . . . haha but it is at times pretty cold but the past 2 days have been nice- I even got sunburned at the beach!
Well family I love you!!! And I can't wait to talk on Sunday- 5 England time so like 10 america time? ya I have no idea haha but see ya then!! 
Love you!!!!
ps Em, cat fight at your comp?! no way!! that is intense!!! hahaha glad you guys had fun with Char and Ben!! 

Letter from Mission President -- SAFE ARRIVAL!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Lister House, Lister Hill
LS18 5AZ

3 May 2013

 Dear Brother and Sister Monroe,

It is with pleasure that we welcome your daughter, Sister Allison Monroe, to the England Leeds Mission.  We find her prepared and committed to serve the Lord and to share the message of the Restored Gospel.

Your daughter’s first companion is Sister R., who was prayerfully selected to ensure the best introduction to missionary work for Sister Monroe.   We are confident their relationship will be a mutual blessing. 

Weekly encouragement from home will certainly help inspire her missionary effort.  We encourage you to write her once a week with your letters uplifting in spirit.  Please let other family and friends know how important it is to write positive, encouraging letters that support missionary work.  Your daughter’s address is now:

                      Sister Allison Monroe
                      England Leeds Mission
                      Lister House, Lister Hill
                      Leeds LS18 5AZ

Personal, practical and inexpensive gifts from home for birthdays or Christmas are encouraged.  The best gifts are consumables, such as ties, socks, small personal items, and goodies.  Please send packages through regular mail to the above address.  However, because missionaries move frequently, and space is very limited; large, heavy or unnecessary items are discouraged.  Remember your missionary is limited to two bags and a briefcase. 

Families and friends are asked to not visit or call their missionaries in the field.  Such calls and visits will undermine the effectiveness of missionaries and their companions.  Please feel free to call the mission president in the event of an emergency at home.  Missionaries are not to call home without the president's permission.

Any anxiety your missionary may have about finances will hinder the work.  Please do not send excess funds, too much money can be as detrimental as not enough.  If you need to send funds to your missionary, please add it to their personal debit card or contact the mission office to discuss the best way for you to do so.

I want you to know that Sister L. and I consider it a privilege to serve with your daughter and promise to help all we can.  Your daughter’s physical, emotional and spiritual welfare is of utmost importance to us.

Sincerely yours,
President L.

Arrival in the Mission Field -- email with pictures from Mission Secretary

What a pleasure it was to meet your daughter.
She is going to be a fabulous missionary!
I hope you enjoy the letter and pictures.

Warm Regards,
Sister W.

England Leeds Mission
Lister House Lister Hill
Horsforth, Leeds  LS18 5AZ