Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Very Good Week - some Pranks on District Leaders!

Hiya! you alright?? that is how everyone greets each other here-

Well this has been a very good week!  I have learned a lot!! 

Good ole W. is doing great! I met W. my very first day.  Well I love W. so much and it has been amazing to see the change in him from when I met him 2ish weeks ago!  He is reading and praying and is excited to meet with us.  We taught him the word of wisdom this week- which is so hard because tea is who they are (really i had someone tell me that ;) at first he wasn't really willing.  he said he wouldn't smoke anymore and he would just drink a little bit and that he couldn't give up tea.  We kept testifying to him and teaching him and by the end of the lesson he said he would do it!! WAHOO!!! he also said a beautiful prayer at the end of the lesson asking for help- and for W. to ask for help from God is a BIG CHANGE!! so it was great!!

We had stake conference yesterday- it took like 2 1/2 hours to get there because the metro was down and we had so many bus problems, but it was really good and we got 3 investigators out there! Which is huge because Sunderland is far away and for them to come that early was really great!!!!!!!!!!

We played the best prank on our district leader :) when the other sisters were following up sister R. and I were ''yelling'' at each other in the background- and sister I. was like oh no here they go again and they kept doing there follow up. so when they passed the phone it was just me and I was telling Elder E. how sister R. was on my last nerve and how I couldn't handle it any more (the whole time R. and the other sisters were in the room listening) and sis R. comes in and we were yelling at each other and we hung up the phone.  he called right back and sister S. answered and said sis R. just punched sis monroe and blood is everywhere. he totally bought it and he was kind of freaking out- I was pretending to cry and sis R. was pretending to be so mad. and then he told the other sisters to get us seperated and he was going to call the zone leaders (they live pretty close to us) and we all got silent and started to bust up laughing.  It was a great prank because E. freaked out :) but please tell Spence to send some prank ideas my way!!  haha

I went on exchange this week with Sister I., it was great to get out with her and I learned a lot.  we also had a lot of fun and cranked it hard! 

We went to dinner as a district this week (that is Sis R., S., I. and Elder E. and H.) anytime the whole district gets standards of excellence the Elder's ward mission leader takes the district out to a nice dinner.  I don't know why he did it though because only 2 teams got it- I guess he just wanted to meet us.  we went to a place called Tony Carvery and it was so SO good!!!!!!!!! He goes to utah every month for business and he knows exactly where spanish fork is- he said he works a lot in provo. he was one of the nicest people ever.

that's so sad to hear about sis p.'s husband!  she is so sweet!!!

The kids are almost done with school, YAY! what adventures do you have planned?? besides baseball games?? so occasionally people wear yankee hats

whoa parker is 16?! wow!! tell him happy late birthday!!! and uhh jake has a bday around here too right? and luke?? mark?? give a shout out to the fam!! Tell them I love them all!! and I hope you are telling gramps all my stories!! ask him if he likes yorkshire pudding, and if he ever had cow stomach, and if custard was something he ate every day at tea. 

well fam I love you all!!!!!! you are the best! 
much love!
Sister Monroe :)

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