Monday, June 17, 2013

06.11.2013 Transfer Survivor

Service Project -- Gardening

Sister Monroe on splits

District eating at Happiness Inn (real Chinese food)

Nice Truck with Church in background

Happiness Inn with Zone Leaders

Thank You from 10 year-old investigator

Sister Monroe and a flatmate

A recent convert

Sister Missionaries waiting for transfers.

Waiting for transfers party!
Hey ya fam! so Emmy told me you are in washington! yay that sounds like fun!!! have fun at the yankee's game! so the other day we were leaving the metro station and a guy was behind us wearing a yankee hat so I asked him if he actually liked the yankee's or if he just wears the hat- he said I don't give a shiz about the yankees- i just wear the hat. . and then we talked about that for a bit. but it is so funny because people don't like baseball here but they love to wear the yankee's hat! haha so if dad and spencer had their competition of red socks vs yankee hats. . . spencer would dominate!

anywhos so this week we had an amazing miracle. so I've told you about J. and S.  well we have started meeting with them twice a week. . whoop whoop! and on saturday I invited J. to church (I WAS SO NERVOUS, she hasn't been for years) but I told her I was speaking in sacrament and I would love to have her there- she hesitated for a moment and I got sassy (i no sassy haha) and I was like J. I need you to be there!  and she was like ok.  so I ended up changing what I was going to talk about and I pretty much addressed everything to J. in the talk. and she was crying the whole time. after church I went to talk to her and she said she felt the spirit and would like to try to come next week!!!!! MIRACLE! but then my heart melted when she told me I was here for her now when she needed it and that she hoped I wouldn't get transfered.

so transfer calls came in last night!!!! wow I have been here in newcastle exactly 6 weeks- crazy but I am staying!!! yay!!!! and everyone in the flat is staying! double yay!!! and I am so glad because I love this area so so much!!!!!!!

ok I don't have much time but I love you SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! so i hope you have fun in washington!!!!!  remember miracles do happen if you have faith! don't forget to study the Book of Mormon!!
hope you have a good bday dad! and a happy fathers day! don't worry a letter and an email are coming your way!

love you lots!

~sister Monroe!

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