Sunday, June 23, 2013

06.17.2013 Miracles!

Hey family!!  I got the package with the candy, and the package with the dress!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! Getting american candy was so great! and I LOVE that skirt!!!!! it is so so so cute!!! Thank you for sending all of that! Sorry I am being demanding and asking for a skirt and boots and those books! But thank you so much for sending it!!!

And thank you so much for all the letters! It is so good to hear from home!! And I think we fixed the mailbox so if you want to send them to my flat again, feel free!!! Everyone is telling me I'll stay in Newcastle for a while so letters at the flat should get to me for a while :) it's up to you where you want to send them.
So this week we have seen miracles!  My beautiful trainer, Sister R., is so great! I love her to death and she is a very powerful missionary.  But she does have some pretty bad illnesses, so we haven't been able to have a fully accountable week since I got here.  So it is sometimes very discouraging because I just want to work! But when we work we really crank it! and when we account for the week we always are right up there with the rest of the district with investigators and lessons- so it is amazing how in the time we have we are able to make up everything!! We even found 7 new investigators this week!! and scheduled 4 of them!!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop! And we got standards of excellence again this week! That makes 3 out of the 6 weeks I have been here!! President called us last Monday and told us how proud he was of us!!

I don't know if I have told you about B. but I found him 2 weeks ago while we were street contacting and we have been meeting with him ever since- so he was scheduled for July 6th but this week we realized he is READY FOR BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he is getting interviewed THIS SATURDAY WHICH MEANS HIS BAPTISM WILL BE THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY!!!! Please pray for B.!! he is so great we love him to death!!! At first he didn't want to come to church every week BUT Sunday was his second time coming and he loves it and is going to come every week (that is when we knew he was ready!) YAY we are so so excited!!!!!

So S. had a brownies retreat this weekend so she wasn't able to come, but J. told us she was going to come- sadly she wasn't able to make it to church because she had to go pick up S. at that time. . . but with J. softening her heart we are going to ask her on Saturday if S. can get baptized- so please pray for J. and S.!! Because S. is so ready and she really wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!  I have faith that J. will come around!!  J. is changing so much and I just LOVE seeing that change in her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we were teaching a guy named Q., he is from New Jersey.  He dropped us this week :( He got out of bed so early on Sunday to meet us at the Metro stop because he didn't want to call us over the phone to tell us that he doesn't really have that desire- but he will keep reading and praying.   we have a song we sing when investigators drop us or we have to drop them.  It makes it a little less hurtfull ;) hahahaha

So we saw a lot of miracles this week! and I am LOVING Newcastle still!! We got our new district leader this week and we haven't offically met him even though we follow up on the phone every night, so today when we go to Pday Sis S. and I are trading name tags and we are going to confuse the new guy! and We got a new zone leader and they came to the flat to drop off the packages they picked up from the mission office, and it was so great because I wasn't the new one anymore- so at church Elder M. is the new one and Sis S. and I feel a lot less green :) such a great feeling!!!!!

Can you believe I left 2 months ago today?!?!?!?!?! WOW!! time flies!!!!! ps did you change that facebook pic where I was wearing the glasses?? please do! hahaha

Well I love you lots!!!! thanks for all you do!!! And I hope you had a happy fathers day daddy!!!!

Love ~Sister Monroe <3

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