Tuesday, June 25, 2013

06.24.2013 -- Success!!!!

Hey family!! How are you?! it sounds like everyone is doing great!! So glad to hear it!! Spencer going to St George- how is basketball?? and emily going to Shadow mountain- that sounds like a blast-- and glad to hear she loves tennis, Sis I. (one of the sisters I live with) approves, because she is from Singapore and tennis is a social sport haha she is SO funny. . . . and you got to go to bear lake- FUN!!!!!!

Well this week has been so great!!!  First week of transfer 2 = over :( wow! time is flying WAY TO FAST!!!! I am so sad becasue this is Sis R.'s last transfer and to think we only have 5 weeks left. . . . :( she is SO great and i will miss her a ton!!!!!!!! 

So my new DL he is from Payson and went to Salem hills! hahaha follow ups are so fun every night because we bash each other- and he knows J.! so it is great fun.
ok ok I can't wait any more-- guess WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B. PASSED HIS BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he will be getting baptized on FRIDAY!!!! Oh we are so excited!! B. is so solid- I asked him why he wanted to get baptized and his answer was so beautiful but my favorite part was when he said ''i love God and I want to be blessed'' He is so great!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly we weren't able to meet with S. and J. this week ;( S. fell ill so we will meet with her this week and all fingers crossed and we are praying so hard for J.

This week was crazy we have a huge list of address unknown files, which are inactive people and we go to their house and knock 10 doors on each side- we find out if the person live there and when we get to their house we invite them to come back to church.  So since our area is the city centre, we don't go knocking that much and we hardly ever leave the city, so we had 2 days straight of knocking and walking up and down hills- I LOVED IT! hahaha it made me really excited for the day when I will be in an English area-- except hopefully that won't be for a while because I LOVE the chinese area!!!!! We did see a miracle though when one of the inactives, who hadn't been to church in decades, invited us in and we are meeting with him again next week!!

It has really been such a good week!! I am learning so much every day!!  I love it here in Newcastle so much!! It is so sad I sent my last email to president Lindley! :( :( oh the Lindley's- they are SO powerful!!  I wish I had more time to serve with them, but I am excited for the new president! On wednesday we are having zone conference so we will leave at 5 AM to take a metro and charter bus down to Leeds, so the north half of the mission will meet there and that is the Lindley's farewell- it is going to be so weird! But I am very excited!!!!!!! Then the next week we will have a conference and meet the new mission president!!

Well family I love you loads! Hope you have a great week! Thank you for everything you do!!! And I am so glad you read all the emails to grandma and gramps! It is so fun to be here in England where gramps served-- the English people are great.  btw what is Whitney's email address??? Love you!!

~Sis Monroe

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