Monday, August 5, 2013

08.05.2013 -- Elder Ballard visiting Mission!

Hey family!!  So you're going to lake powell! Ah that's exciting!!  Tell the family I say hey and that I love them all!  I sent a letter your way and it had two pics in it- let me know when you get it!

I have some exciting news too, Elder M Russell Ballard is coming to do a mission tour this week! and we are having a mission conference on Wed and he is speaking at it!  I am so excited for a couple of reasons 1. it will be exciting and great to hear from an apostle! 2. the whole mission will be there!! and all of my MTC friends are in the south so it has been ages since I have seen them! way pumped!  It is crazy though so it is held in the only chapel that is big enough to hold all the missionaries so it is past Leeds- we will be traveling like all day long to get there!  but I am excited!!

So this week we worked so so so hard.  Seriously I was working hard before but this week was insane!!  I loved it :) Sadly the majority of our solid investigators dropped us :( which was really sad. . . but we did see some miracles!
So there was a ward BBQ on Saturday and J. told us S. and J. were coming. The day of the bbq J. phoned us and told us S. wasn't coming but J. said she still wanted to come and to have a lesson from the missionaries! that was a BIG step! So we had a really powerful lesson about the Atonement and the Book of Mormon, and we asked her if S. could get baptized, she said no.  She also said she wouldn't pray.  I was thinking oh NO! we had a powerful lesson!!! What the heck! but then she told us she has been praying at home and she has been praying with S.! That made me so happy to hear!!!!!! 

We have been doing service at an elderly lady's house, all 6 missionaries have been gardening and we have worked for maybe 6 hours total and we are just now starting to see the dirt- but it has been fun!
We had a really good district meeting this week, Elder B. talked about Elder Holland's talk on missionary work and the Atonement, and it is a really powerful talk! It has helped me so much!

We ran into B. in the street, set up an appointment, it was really good! He said he was going to come to church, then didn't show up :(  so I don't know what's happening with him.

BC. is still so great, we don't meet with him as much but we take him teaching with us and he is such a great member present! The chinese group is so great, they all fellowship each other and become such good friends!  It is really neat to watch them become good friends and come to church together and FHE and grow and learn together.

At the BBQ we had an investigator there named H., and he is a really religious guy- so we watched the Restoration DVD- we had one of the guys who was just baptized, another member, and W. (who is the Chinese group leader) and 2 of the sisters investigators.  We were able to have a really good talk after and it was really powerful!

I am so grateful for the gospel! and for the Atonement! I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do to support me!  You are the best! Have so much fun at Lake Powell! Send pics :)

love you <3

~Sister Monroe

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