Sunday, August 18, 2013

08.12.2013 Elder Ballard Visit

Hey family!  glad to hear you all survived lake powell and it sounded like a lot of fun! Thanks for sending pics!  I loved to see it!!!

Wow it is crazy to think that your summer is almost over and that you are going back to school with the kids- that will be so fun! and that is so neat that Luke is in your class! He is the cutest!

This week has been really great!

Monday we went to the beach for zone pday- it was loads of fun. We played American football, which was great because it was two hand touch and none of the Elders can touch the sisters haha and it rained the whole time so that was fun because we had the beach to ourselves :) Then we had a really fun FHE, we were crammed in this little cubical in the student union -- it is so great to get everyone together and watch them fellowship each other.  But sadly none of our investigators came! Lame but it was still really great!

Tuesday we ended up getting flogged all day so we did a lot of street contacting :D always a blast ;) haha

Wednesday we traveled down to hear Elder Ballard, oh man- it was SO GOOD! So it was all of the full time missionaries all of the stake presidents all of the bishops and the ward missionaries were invited.  They spoke a lot about working with the ward and how this is a team so we should work together- brilliant, it was so great! And he was funny, we learned SO much! It was SO good, at the end all of us were so pumped to go out and talk to everyone, he told us that if we want to baptize more we have to talk to more people- which means we are going to be better at bus contacting- awe ya :)

it was also really great to see all my friends!!!!  I was so excited to see sister S.!  It was a great reunion we had :)  We didn't get back to our flat until after 11:30 that night- oh man I was so tired- still trying to recuperate from our late night. It is so weird to think that 11:30 used to be nothing for me hahaha

Thursday and Friday were great days we had a lot of street contacting and we have had some really good lessons.  The miracle of the week-- we scheduled W.!!  Did I talk about him before? He is the one that has been passed from missionary to missionary since January- well he accepted a date and he brought a friend to church this week!  yay! But there is still so much we have to do with him and he is so busy so we are praying really hard that we will be able to continue to meet with him!

Saturday we got to clean the chapel that was great.

Sunday was really great, we were able to get 5 people to church. S. brought her boyfriend and W. brought a friend so it was really exciting to be able to have 2 referrals there!
today we are going shopping! I am so excited!  Oh so btw I pulled money out 2 weeks ago and will pull money out again today just so you know.

Well I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good!  I love you loads! And don't worry too much about my health- we are in contact with a doc right now and I will be going to a cardiologist soon, but I am feeling pretty good right now :)  I just figured I'll go so that you all will stop worrying ;)

Well have a great week!! love you!

<3 sister Monroe

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