Monday, September 2, 2013

08.19.2013 -- Trip to Harry Potter's Castle

Hey family! This was such a good week!! Sadly I don't have much time to write- because we are going to the Alnwick castle today!!! PS that is the Harry Potter castle! and we are so excited because there is some special harry fair this week or something hahaha but wait there is more good news! so there was an emergency transfer this week and Sister S. (my mtc comp) moved up to our zone!!!!!!!!!!! So Sis H., Ha., S. and I are going to the castle and we are PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many great things happened,  We did a lot of service this week for members in our relief society. We have been doing a lot of gardening lately and we painted a fence, so that was great :)

Sister H. bday was this week same as Elder Mc.'s so we had a lot of bday celebrations! And I had my first proper Chinese meal, it is called hot pot, and Q. one of the recent converts made it for us- it was SO good!!!

Our biggest miracle was T., we met him this week on the street- set up a return appointment for the next day and we have seen him every day since! and he came to church!!! and loved it!!! He is loving what we are teaching him and it will be hard for him to give up tea and red wine but he is willing to try to give it up! YAY!!

E. is also progressing a lot!  Sadly he has been out of town the past 2 weekends so he hasn't come to church, but he tells us he feels so bad and guilty when he doesn't come- so he is starting to really recognize the Spirit!

W. is also progressing loads!  He has been reading more and more and he is feeling the Spirit, and he is starting to realize that he is feeling it! It is so amazing to watch W. progress!!!

So President Pilkington did a fireside yesterday and we were supposed to bring as many investigators as we could, sadly only H. could come- but it was so good for him!  President Pilkington is amazing!! and he talked about the book of Mormon and how the Spirit works- it was so good for H. because he is really really religious and like works for another church so it was perfect for him!

Sadly we didn't see S. or J. this week- and S. didn't come to church- she had a dance performance. But we are praying hard for them!

Well I don't have much time, I love you loads!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!

<3 Sister Monroe

ps I got spencers letter about trek hahaha good to know he is the same ole Spence, oh and please send pics of the family!! and the little cousins!!!!!

Chinese Pancake

Giant Guinea Pig at Member's House

"The King" Elvis' Ring

Sisters from the MTC (MTC Comp on the left)

Companion's Birthday!

Service Project - Painting Fence

Hot Pot

The sister training leaders were on exchange with the other sisters

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