Sunday, November 3, 2013

10.28.2013 - Miracles in York

Hello!  Well you'll be glad to know we survived the ''biggest storm to hit England in 60 years''- they warned us in stake conference it would be huge- we got an answer phone from the zone leaders saying when it hits go home and stay home until it is over, but it was like that snow scare one year in Utah-- it never even hit!  but we haven't really seen the sky for a while- it is so crazy how much it can mist and rain!!

But it is a good thing that it didn't hit!  because today is zone p-day and we are carving pumpkins!!  whoop whoop!  So mom asked about halloween, ya they celebrate it here! it isn't as big as it is over in the states. But we have seen a lot of people dressed up for costume parties as we walk home at night.  We are celebrating by going to zone training meeting- whoop whoop ;) and interviews with president so exciting ;) - no one hear has pumpkin cookies as good as moms- or julie’s or melanie's pumpkin bars- kind of a let down!

Well we had another great week this week!  we were really blessed to see a lot of miracles!  We had SO many lessons this week! it was great!  The investigators we have are so amazing and really prepared!  We have just seen so many miracles here and I have loved building up this area! The ward is so supportive and it is just such a great experience!  I really have loved all the lessons we have had this week! 
We have also had so many tea appointments- which has been also so great :) 

So we are teaching a Chinese family, they own a restaurant- they live in the upstairs of the shop- so when we go they always have yummy food for us :) they don't speak any English- which is hard because she also doesn't read, even in Chinese, so she can't read the Book of Mormon and when she comes to church she doesn't understand anything.  But Q. is so great because she feels the Spirit so strong so she keeps coming anyways- she was Christian in China- she really wants to get baptized and she is like King Lamoni's dad converting everyone in the kingdom- because she is wants her husband her 2 sons, the cook and another worker to get baptized!  They are an amazing family! We are teaching English to one of the boys- he is 17 and he doesn't speak much English so school is really hard for him!  It is such a blessing.  I took some classes for teaching English as a second language classes!  What a blessing that was my minor!!! 

It is a crazy story so a Chinese couple, who got baptized and lived here in England for 3-4 years- they found missionaries got married got baptized- they worked for this Chinese restaurant- so they planted many seeds! 

We had stake conference and the Saturday session was missionary themed, so all the missionaries in the zone were there- they had the closing hymn Onward Christian Soldiers- so during the 2 verse all the missionaries got up and walked to the front- they had us sing the 3rd verse and then for the 4th verse the congregation joined in with us- it was a little cheesy- but it was SO powerful! Most people were crying or teared up- you should look up the words because it is even more powerful the way they had it arranged! 
well hope you all have a fun halloween! ps what is everyone being??  Sis Ith and I decided I will be her and she will be me ;) that's really all we can do haha

Well I love you so much!! thanks for being so supportive!!!!!  It means so much!  I couldn't do it without all the love and support that I get from back home! It just motivates me to work that much harder!  and I love it here SO much!!
Love you!

<3 Sister Monroe

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