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11.04.2013 -- Full of Flogging

November 4, 2013

Hey fam!! I loved the Halloween pics! everyone looked SO cute! and wow disney was represented! hahaha

Halloween isn't as big here as it is in America- which was kind of sad :/  But on Halloween we had to be in our flat at 6:30 so we ended up going to bed at like 8:30- it was the best night EVER!!! hahaha It is crazy but waking up at 6:30 never really gets easier- I thought I would have no problem with that but I guess all of those early morning drill practices never prepared me for this! hahaha

This was a really interesting week! Full of flogging :/ but it’s all good somehow it still ended up being a great week!  We have been facing difficulties with the students here- since york is a better university than newcastle China has their eyes on the students here- like HARD CORE!!  S. and E. were telling us that their friend’s phone was shut off for a week because of a text they sent.  So all of those people we had scheduled for baptism sadly they feel like they can't get baptized.  The ruling party is everything in China- it is a religion and they can't have any other loyalties- and all of these students want to get good jobs and work for the government so sadly they don't want to be baptized.  We are trying to figure out how we can help them!  I have been studying a lot about faith, miracles, and the Lord delivering His people from bondage.  We hope that as we continue to meet with them especially, S., E., G. and C. that we can help them have the faith to move forward!  It is so sad because all of them would be baptized in a heartbeat. . . So we are just figuring this trial out :) 

We still have A.- her mom is Christian back home which has helped a ton!  Bless her she has come to church the past 2 weeks and the first time was stake conference she only understood about 30% of what was being said because they were talking so fast.  

We had a really really good zone training meeting this week- the zone leaders we have now are really good.  It was about having a vision and working hard in our areas and they used the story of Ammon- I learned SO much that I had never seen before!  We also had interviews with President.

We visited our ward mission leader and his wife this week- they are SO great!  Really young, she just had her baby 2 days ago! and they took us to dinner and he shared a lot of stories from his mission!  He really boosted us up and got us really pumped :)

Yes it is really really cold here!  And the sun starts to set at like 5 so it is really dark!  I am just so blessed to have my warm clothes! I don't know how missionaries do it in Russia!!

But all in all it was a good week :)  We are keeping our faith strong and working hard!  I love you all!!!  oh ps city centre is starting to put Christmas decorations up-  I thought that they would beat you mom, but emmy told me Christmas is already up at the house! hahaha 

I love you all <3 hope you have a good week!!!

<3 Sister Monroe

With Sister Ith

With Sister Ith

With Sister Ith

With Sister Ith

Yeah, it was Raining!

York Zone

Sisters in the York Zone

Dinner with Investigators

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