Sunday, October 27, 2013

10.21.2013 another great week in York, a lot of teaching.

Hey fam!!  Well another great week in York :) good news we haven't locked ourselves out again so life is pretty good :)

I have never seen so much rain! it is insane!!!!!

We are starting to reap the rewards of speaking every hour last Sunday- we have so many tea appointments!  it is great :) this ward is just amazing!!!

S. is doing great :)  she told us that the gospel has given her so much confidence! she even went to the stake dance and had a good time, she told us before she would have never done that.

We went over to S. and E's flat, it is so nice they live across the street from us :) we walk in and V. opens the door (I think I've told you about him- he's buddist) so the elders were there reading with him- so we went upstairs and taught the girls in S's bedroom- it was a really funny surprise- so many missionaries in that house! But S. and E. are great!  They are hilarious!!  This was the first week that they haven't been to church- sadly they went to B.'s for afternoon tea- we hope they didn't actually drink tea- we just taught them about the word of wisdom!  But they are hilarious and the only set back is they feel like they haven't gotten an answer to their prayers yet- they are having a hard time recognizing which I mean they have never learned about God before so it is understandable!

We have seen so many miracles!  A girl just moved here from China- she joined the church 2 years ago when she was in Australia studying- it is so great because that is what our investigators need!  someone who is from china that can relate to them!  We have been seeing a lot of opposition, Satan is fighting hard and everyone we are teaching is concerned about the political environment and finding a job when they go back to China.  It will be an amazing day when china opens!  I have no doubt that the work will take off like CRAZY there!! 

T. and V. dropped us this week because of that :/ but its ok we will find more people to teach! We are teaching this great guy named G.!  we have met with him 2 times and he loved the plan of salvation- he is really prepared!!!

Sadly my Chinese is not very good- I can say a few words here and there but the tones are so hard- it can be the same word but if you say it in the wrong tone it is a completely different word, so that is challenging!  It is amazing though how much I understand! there were sometimes this week when sis ith would be speaking chinese to someone and I would pray really really hard to understand- and I was able to get most of the conversation!!!  So I guess I have been blessed with the gift of ''ears''—hahaha

can you believe I have been out 6 months?! where does the time go?!  Well sadly I am out of time but I love you all <3  you are the best family ever!! and I am loving it here!!

<3 Sister Monroe

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