Sunday, April 20, 2014

04.07.2014 -- Conference was so so so good!

Hello family!!!  Well we had another great week here in South Shields!! Life has been really crazy but I am loving being here with Sis Peck, Lybbert and Nigido! 

We pushed our bunkbeds together to have a giant slumber party every night-  Sister Nigido- our italian <3 is the craziest person I know!  She is always dancing and coming out with the craziest things!

Well to answer dad's question- we don't have anyone progressing towards baptism at the moment- so we have had a lot of time to go finding :) 

Conference was so so so good!!!!  The biggest surprise happened- when S. walked into the chapel Saturday he was wearing a suit- all the members did a triple take, he looked so smart and it was so amazing to see the night and day change!!!

By the end of my mission I'll be a qualified painter :)  for service we went and painted E.'s baseboards- I can't believe she trusted us! But they look pretty good :)

I'll send pics today! We have been taking some good ones!!

I loved how a lot of conference was standing up for what we believe in and how we can't just stand in the background!!!  There was a lot about families and missionary work and I am so grateful for both of those things in my life :)

I hope that you are all doing well!!!  But you would have to be if you are at Disneyworld!!!  :) 

Thanks for all you do!!

Love you!

<3 Sister Monroe


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