Sunday, April 20, 2014

04.01.2014 -- Great Week!

AHH i'm so sorry I don't have a lot of time!  But this has been such a great week!!!!!

SURPRISE- E. got baptized!!!! It was such an amazing experience!!!! Wow!  She and J. were both so happy!  E. got up and spoke after she was baptized- she had set a goal to finish 2 Nephi by the time she was baptized and she did it!!!  She was really touched by 2 Nephi 31 when it talks about baptism!  So she read from that and it was an amazing experience! I have never met anyone as prepared as E.! Seriously, the Lord prepared her and then placed her in our hands!  I feel so blessed to have found her!! She is already involved in the ward- the ward loves her!  So many people came to her baptism!!!!  The Spirit was really strong at the baptism!  It was great :)

My birthday was great!!!!!!  Sis Lybbert and Nigido decorated my study room with so many balloons and sticky noted my wall with all of our good times :)  then Sis Lybbert made french toast :) we had district meeting so that was fun to be with the zone for my bday :) then I went to Gateshead with Sis Neilson on exchange- seriously the best! We laughed all day long! And we had so many miracles- we found a new investigator- through knocking she let us in and we taught her- extended the baptismal invite and BAM new investigator! Which is Gateshead is A HUGE DEAL! seriously!!! It was a huge miracle!  It was just so fun to be with her <3

We had a FHE with E. on Tuesday- and when we walked in she had made cupcakes for my birthday and they sang and she and J. got me a present!  It was so nice of her!  It made me feel so special that she loved me enough that she would think of that :)  I loved being there with her sis peck and J.!!!! :) I was one of the happiest moments of my mission!!!

Oh and Sister Lybbert got a union jack flag and had all the sisters of the north sign it secretly and then they surprised me with it :) It was so sweet!!!!!!

Oh man so many happy moments this week!

At church on Sunday I saw S. open the door for some of the old ladies- and it was such a small thing that really meant the world to me!  To see how much S. has changed!  It is incredible! He went from hard core smoker- didn't smile- to helping people in the ward wearing his white shirt and tie! :)

I am just so grateful that I get to stay here in South Shields for the next 5 weeks! I LOVE it here! I love sis Peck and I love Sis Lybbert and Nigido! E. and S. and the whole world! I am just the luckiest person ever!!!

Oh and I've been driving a lot more! :)  but I can only keep driving on my american license until my year in the UK mark- so I'm going to have to pass my test soon- because I guess my year mark is coming up. . . I don't think about that.  .  .  . .

Well I love you lots! YAY for Spencer and Emily!!!

Tell Whitney and Syd and Scott happy birthday!

love you!

<3 Sis Monroe

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