Sunday, April 20, 2014

04.14.2014 -- Oh man the most embarrassing moment of my life happened this week.

Oh man the most embarrassing moment of my life happened this week.   .    .   .  :( hahaha

First of all, it was a huge surprise!  On pday I got the birthday package! Thanks so much mom!!! I LOVE the dress!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!  And since I was in charge of that pday so everyone was at south shields- since I got so much candy I shared it with the zone and now you are everyone's favourite!  :) so thank you so much!!!! <3

So Wednesday night we went down to Leeds and slept over with the sisters for mission leadership council.  So council was really good and everything was great then Sister Peck and I took the car to Billingham to go on exchange. Well we were so excited- freedom!! No more 2 hour bus rides each way, life was good!  The zone leaders told us 2 things- first fill the car up and second- the breaks are really dodgy.

So it was a great exchange- I got to go with Sister Seely so that is always great seeing her!!  We leave to go back to Durham to pick up the zone leaders, then they were going to come back with us and watch us nightly plan.  Well we drove from Billingham to Durham- we stopped at McDonalds to get something to eat.  .   .   .   .

So Sister Peck is outside the car to back me up- well I put the key in, and the car wouldn't start.   .  .  . so I tried it again.  Oh no!  Well we called the zone leaders and held the phone up to the car so they could hear the sound.  They gave us some tips- but we went and asked this guy in the car park.  This guy was so nice but he couldn't figure anything out either. After a while I was on the phone with Elder Burrio and he said ''sister monroe did you put diesel fuel in?''  ''no! of course not''  ''are you sure?!'' ''well the pump was broken that we went to but I am positive that we put unleaded in! Let me check the receipt.  . . yep! £40 unleaded!''   ''SISTER MONROE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PUT DIESEL FUEL IN!!''  oh man!!!! no one told us that we were supposed to put diesel fuel in the car!! We were just two americans who know that you NEVER put diesel fuel in a car!! Well I guess that is different over here in England- yep would have been nice to know ;)

Well long story short- this really nice guy came and pumped out the wrong fuel and put the right fuel in. 

Oh man we still feel so dumb and so so so bad!!!!!

To make things worse- in MLC when we were giving our reports the ZLs told everyone we were borrowing their car- well Elder Burrio had a little accident last week and banged up the side of the car. So president turned to us and said Sisters make sure to take good inventory of the car! Everyone laughed and I said we will for sure president! Then he teased Elder Burrio like 4 more times in the meeting.  Dang it! That is going to be us next time :(

Oh man!!  So embarrassing!!!!! But we learned a lot!!!

So the next day we were at a less actives house.  Well she was having a bad day so we told her this story- we had them laughing the whole time! Then we compared it to the Atonement-- we made a really dumb mistake, there were a lot of nice people to help us in that car park, but only that man could come and clean out our tank- same is true with our Saviour.  He is the only one that can forgive us and help us get back on the road.  We also talked about how even though this was a really dumb mistake God still sent people to help us. Everyone we talk to said it was a miracle we made it so far! and it was because we drove for a while and we just happened to be in a really really nice car park (which was good it was well after 9 pm!) also that guy that came and helped us was SO nice! he was so curious of why we would come on missions- so we got to share the gospel a little bit-- also God sent us Elder and Sister Marsh the senior couple in Newcastle- they were SO SO SO nice to us!!! We ended up driving the car to the ZLs and picking them up but then we met the Marsh's in gateshead and they drove us home since it was late.

We were really blessed, even though we made such a dumb mistake!

The good news is that less active family loved it, they said they would call the zone leaders and tell them it was their fault not ours ;) hahaha but I told them that I had already called and apologized to the ZLs- but they also said that everytime they fill up they will always think of the Atonement :)

oh my heck even though I am laughing about it now- I am still so embarrassed!!!  And tomorrow we have interviews with President.  .   .  . oh man! but I am taking the car again tomorrow so I guess the zone leaders don't hate us too much!!!!

Other than that we had a really really good week!  Meeting, packages, exchange in Billingham, and lots of finding :) I just LOVE it here in South Shields!!!!!!!! :) Sis Peck and I are having a  good time!!

Well love you loads!
<3 Sister Monroe

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  1. Technically, it wasn’t really your fault. No one actually told you to fill the car up with diesel, rather than unleaded. But anyway, at least someone was there to help with your problem. All in all, it seems to me like it was a good learning experience. Thanks for sharing this with us, Allison. Have a great day!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company