Monday, October 13, 2014

10.06.2014 -- (another) Best Week Ever!

Yep. We had the best week ever again in Huddersfield!!! I really love Sister Decker!!! We are having so much fun and working hard, it has been the best!

I also LOVE this ward!! Huddersfield 2, wow they are SO missionary minded and so supported of us missionaries!  On Monday there was a family that invited us over for a family home evening with C., I don't know if I have told you much about her but she is this super amazing lady we are teaching! They are really good friends with her! So they had her and her kids over and we taught a lesson on prophets.  It was so much fun!  We really got the kids involved, and she was just soaking it all up! Her face was just beaming as we were teaching her about prophets, who they are, why they are so important :) And the members were fabulous as well!! They were getting involved and smiling, they were really feeling the missionary spirit! It was amazing!! :)

A member came out with us on Tuesday, we was supposed to come teach our investigator A. with us, but A. ended up flogging.  So I called Bro Simpson to tell him, I thought he was going to say- well next time let me know and I'll come so I was so surprised when he said  ''Well, we won't be defeated!  Let's still go out and visit people!''  It was a great night, we went into 2 members homes and shared messages and uplifted them :)  This ward, seriously! Soooo good!!!

We had the most powerful lesson with V., our Chinese investigator, this week! We taught her the Restoration.  It was amazing how her whole countenance changed!  At first when we asked her if she thought it would be important to have a prophet on the earth, she said 'mmmm ya for those that believe in God it would be important' then by the end of the lesson she was in awe, she said' wow there is a prophet on the earth now? I think that is something I should find out.' so we invited her to pray and read the Book of Mormon and she was so excited and committed to do it!!  I loved that lesson! She truly is one who is kept from the truth because she knew not where to find it, now that it is being taught to her she is loving it!

Conference was so great wasn't it?!  Y. came with us, and E. as well.  We actually found out some sad news, E. is moving to Manchester next week :(  we are so sad!  But she said that she will continue to meet with missionaries there! :) Good thing the church is still true no matter where you go!

I just can't believe how fast time is going!!! It just seems like yesterday I was with Robision in Newcastle!!  Tell Spencer to not blink, and to never waste a minute, they are too precious to waste!

Just a thought to ponder, I have been studying Nephi a lot recently, actually throughout my whole mission- he's my favourite!!  But I was reading in 2 Nephi 2:15-16 where he talks about how he delights in reading the scriptures, and his heart ponders them continually.  It was then I realized that that is the key to happiness and success!! Nephi is full of the Christ-like attribute of hope, he goes through the same trials as Lamen and Lemuel, but his hope carries him through and he knows that the Lord is there beside him- so he never complains-- 2 Nephi 4:20 (Lamen's perspective 1 Nephi 16:20) and I realized Nephi has such strong hope and faith because he loved the scriptures so much!!!!!  The words of the prophets give us hope! Nephi's secret to happiness, and optimism!! So as we follow Nephi's example and immerse ourselves in the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, we are guided to our Saviour and our hope and happiness is strengthened!!! I have experienced this SO much on my mission, I LOVE the scriptures!!

Also another thought, the Chinese investigators tell Elder Leui that church is boring. He responds with ''change your attitude!'' the wise words of my Chinese friend!!

I love you guys!

<3 Sister Monroe

So tired during planning

Eating Healthy! ):

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