Monday, October 13, 2014

09.29.2014 - Acting on Faith

Hey family!!! The weirdest thing happened this week, the sun was out ALL week!! It was warm even!! :) so that just added to the great week!

Oh man we have had such a crazy busy week!! Here are some of the highlights.  

For months now I have wanted to have a sisters meeting, I asked President forever ago when I was a sister training leader- if we could get with the sisters we were over and have like a sisters district meeting. Well the wait paid off because we had one this week!!!!!! It was so exciting! We got to go up to Leeds :)  So there were 16 sisters there and 5 of them were my former companions!!  It was so great to see Sisters Scott, Peck, Staheli, Howard and sister Decker-- and Sisters Lybbert and Cochran were there!!!  It was so fun to see everyone!!
The meeting was really really good!  We talked a lot about letting our lights shine, developing our talents and not comparing ourselves to others.  I shared a thought that came into my mind, if a fish were to compare itself to a cheetah, it could become discouraged because it can't run as fast.  But a fish wasn't created to run, it was created to swim and the fish can do that really well.  It was super cheesy but everyone loved it ;) haha sisters really love cheesy things ;)

So coming back from the meeting a huge miracle happened!  We sat down and Sister Decker and I were talking about the meeting and we had some snacks with us- it had been a crazy day.  So we were talking and then I started choking. I couldn't breath!  the guy across from me had a bottle of Coke and he handed it over,  so then we started talking to him. I told him he saved my life! haha but he is such a cool guy!  He lives in Bradford so we are going to send the elders there over to him!  He saved my life we saved his soul hopefully ;)  So that could just seem like a coincidence but as we were talking to him he told us how he had missed his train by 4 minutes, so he ended up talking this one that stopped in Leeds.  I really feel like we were guided to him!! :)
On other big news, we scheduled Y.!!!  He is scheduled for the 11th of October! and he is so excited! It was such a powerful lesson, the Spirit truly was working through Sister Decker and myself!  I was saying things, and after I said them I was thinking wow! that is so true!  I was learning myself!!!  He is facing a lot of what Papaw faced, and it is so inspired for me to be teaching him!  At one point I said 'Y., what if my grandpa wouldn't have had the courage to act on his faith, what if the fear and the worries of what if would have made him give up. I wouldn't be here right now!' and that was so powerful! I told him how eternally grateful I am for Papaw! and that someday his children and grandchildren will be grateful that he did what he knew was right!  :)
We had zone training meeting! It was as always SO good!! It was all about having a positive attitude and how the CLA of hope can help us with that!!!  :) 
Well I love you and I hope that you have a great week! yay for conference!!! 

<3 Sister Monroe

Monroe on his beanie

He saved my Life!

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