Monday, October 13, 2014

10.13.2014 - This has been the best week!! We have seen so many miracles!!!

This has been the best week!! We have seen so many miracles!!!

We got this referral from of a girl called S.  We went and knocked her house, not going to lie I'm always a little hesitant because I have gotten a few fake referrals before. . . but she is AMAZING!!  We have taught her twice, she came to church yesterday with her 2 boys!! She has a son called B. who is 12 and a son called K. who is 3. The first lesson was powerful!  She has gone through some really tough times, never was brought up to believe in God or any religious beliefs really, somehow she referred her self because she knew she wanted something different in her life! In the first lesson when she prayed, she started crying :)
The second time we saw her, her mother in law was there- at first we were like oh no hope it goes ok, but we just invited her in on the lesson and the mother in law, C., is SO prepared as well!  She LOVED what we taught about the Book of Mormon and prophets! She is really religious but she wants us to start teaching her as well!!! Huge miracle two new great investigators!!!
S. is now in 1 Nephi 13, she says when she reads she feels really calm, also that when she reads she just wants to do good and be good :) Just like in Moroni 7!

Also Co. came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoo whoo whoo!! We have been trying so hard to get her there! What made all the difference, she started reading the Book of Mormon!  She actually tried this week, she taught it was going to be really boring (she is not the biggest fan of the bible) but she has really enjoyed it! She is in 1 Nephi 7!  She liked church and her 3 kids loved it as well :)

So this week it has really helped strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon! It is amazing how once both of them started reading the felt a desire to change, to come to church and to do good! Just goes to show how true the Book of Mormon is! There is a power from the Book of Mormon and by reading it we truly do come closer to Christ!

The biggest miracle. . . . Y. GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO it was such a great service! So many people came out to support him! :) He was SO happy after!  He was beaming!  It has been absolutely amazing to see that change in him over the past month! He has so much more confidence than he had before- as well as so much more happiness!

Remember M. in Darlington, who got baptized right after I left?!  Well guess what, he got the priesthood!!!!! :) I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Decker and I have been having so much fun! We were knocking the other day and got in 2 times!  We found 3 new investigators this week! and those 3 as well as our others are progressing so much!! :)

Love you all!!
Sister Monroe  

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