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08.26.2013 -- Loving my time as a missionary and feel so blessed to be out!

Hello family!

Well that was exciting to get to email back and answer some of your questions!! Well this has been a great week here in Newcastle!! 

So Monday: Alnwick castle- beautiful! We had such a fun time!!!!!  I'll send pics! I was telling Sis S.t (oh ya so she doesn't live with us just is in our zone) but last summer I was so excited to go to Harry Potter World in Florida - and I was thinking about applying for a study abroad in London- but it didn't feel right. This summer seeing the real Harry castle but even more exciting serving a mission!!  Isn't that so crazy!! Never saw that one coming! But every day I am so grateful for the age change!! I am learning so much and I feel like I am changing so much as well! I absolutely LOVE this experience of serving the Lord and the people in England all day every day! D&C 4  :)

Tuesday: We had some lessons, got flogged a lot so did some street contacting and went to the cardiologist.  Sadly docs just aren't the same here, but I am getting some test done next week so it is all good :)

Wednesday: our district meeting was so so good! When I bore my testimony I shared about how there are angles building us up, on both sides of the veil- I have really felt that the past 2 weeks!  Then Elder B. came and taught a lesson with us, W. who sadly is just now to busy to see us and he has stopped progressing :( same with E. :( but it is ok! We are still kind of working with them and we are working hard to find new people!!

Thursday: Another day of lessons, we had some really powerful lessons! 

Friday was a really exciting day- so there was a specialized training meeting in the zone right below us, it was by invite only and it was for all of the trainers and the trainees. some how Sister S. and I were invited and we were the only two not in one of those categories there. It was SO GOOD!! Oh man!!  The first part they split us up into groups and did a Q&A which was funny because the group we were assigned to was trainers but I learned so much! Then President talked to all of us- it was so great!  I learned so much!!  He really focuses on teaching PEOPLE not lessons and developing Christ-like attributes, so amazing!

Then Sister S. and I did some street contacting in Newcastle, it was also really great we found some good people :)

Sat: we had a sad lesson with S. and J.. . . Sadly J. is never coming to the lessons again- but she said S. can still come. I gave S. the CTR ring that Emmy sent- and that meant so much to her!  Then S. didn't come to church :(

Sunday: we didn't have anyone at church- that was really sad and hard. We had left our phone in the zone leaders car and couldn't call anyone Sunday morning- but everyone we had confirmed was too busy with exams and essays. 
That has been the theme of the week, everyone is too busy- so it was a slower week than we are used to.  But it's ok- we are still working so hard!  It is sometimes hard not to get discouraged when things don't go how you planned especially when we are working so hard all day every day and trying to be so obedient- but I have learned that discouragement is from Satan, and when discouragement comes in our faith is weakened.  So even though it was a harder week it was one of the best weeks I have had yet! And I am so grateful for this week!! We are continuing to work hard in our area- and most importantly I am learning to become like the Savior- working on charity and it has been amazing how working on that this week has changed EVERYTHING! I love it so much here!! Next week is transfer calls. . . weird!!!!!

I love you all! thanks for all your love and support!!  ps please send pics!!!!

I am loving my time as a missionary! and feel so blessed to be out!  I love the England Leeds Mission!! <3

~Sister Monroe

MTC Companion and Sister Monroe at Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter Castle)

Very excited to be at Alnwick (Harry Potter) Castle!

Sister Monroe and Comp in front of Alnwick (Harry Potter) Castle

Sisters at Alnwick (Harry Potter) Castle

With Companion at Alnwick (Harry Potter) Castle

Very excited to be at Alnwick (Harry Potter) Castle!

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