Sunday, September 15, 2013

09.09.2013 -- Made it to York!

 Hey fam! So I am writing you in the beautiful city of York-- oh man it is SO nice here!! Sister I. and I are falling in love with York! It is such a cute city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it is really different from Newcastle- there are about a third of the Chinese students here as there are in Newcastle- and we can't really effectively go street contacting in city centre because it is such a tourist place- so it has been challenging trying to find those Chinese students- and we are talking to way more English people than we are used to, but I just figure it is preparing me for an English area that I will probably go to next transfer.

I LOVE IT HERE IN YORK!!!!!!!  Our ward is so great!!!! They love getting involved with missionary work- and they haven't had sisters for like a year so everyone is SO excited- like really we keep getting calls and they just keep saying how excited they are! Our ward mission leader is SO great and excited about the work!! We have already been in 2 members homes, and have a bunch of appointments and tea appointments next week- it is SO amazing!!!!!
York is such a posh area- Sis I. and I are loving it!!

We are doing SO much finding- everyone the elders were teaching left for china- and all the Chinese members too, so we literally were left with nothing- but it is ok because we are seeing so many miracles from whitewashing!! This area is a lot slower than Newcastle- but it is our goal to stay positive and not get discouraged!! We met this really great guy this week- Chinese guy- named V. - he was able to come to stake conference yesterday! He enjoyed it!  We are meeting with him again on Tuesday! so excited!!

So the assistants drove us back to Newcastle on Thursday- I think since POTS isn't common in England he doesn't really know what he's doing- but all of my results came back positive :) and he is trying to get my records from America- but he is just emailing Dr Judd- I don't think it works like that- and he showed me the emails that he sent- he didn't even spell my first or last name right hahaha.  But he came to the conclusion it is POTS and that I should be taking that meds-- I haven't started taking it yet in fear that I would get fat-- I just don't want to be taking that med that makes you gain weight while on a mission where I am gaining weight- plus in an area that feeds us all the time. . .. .  but I am going to start taking it this week!  I really am doing better! But still I will start taking the meds :) 

My address is 37 Granville Terrace, York. North Yorkshire YO10 3DY -- and Sis I.and I would love food :)  thanks mom! You're the best!!

So you asked about the flat- it is SO nice! It is kind of older- but it is still more new than the one in Newcastle- it is so cute and cozy- two floors, way better than what we were living in- and I thought the other one was fine! hahaha

I am loving serving with Sister I.!! We are having so much fun!! We are working hard and I am loving it so far :)  

PS I got the package!!  Thank you for the lake powell hoodie!!  Well I love you loads!

<3 Sister Monroe

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