Sunday, September 15, 2013

09.03.2013 -- Transfers to York, England -- staying in Chinese program!.

Hey!! Alright- so I am trying to think about my week last week-- but with the excitement of transfers and thinking about York-- I can't remember anything! hahahaha and only having an hour to email- we are really rushed!

You'll be glad to know I went to the doc yesterday, got some tests done-- and Thursday I go back to hear the results- except now I'll be in York which is still in the north but quite far-- but I phoned Sis Pilkington this morning and she will get it all sorted! But I really am feeling loads better than before!!

I am really sad to be leaving Sis H.- we have really hit it off the past couple of weeks- but she got called as sister trainer leader- so that is way exciting!! We now have 6 in the mission!

We had a Chinese group activity this week- another hot pot, and it was a blast!  Q.- who is one of the recent converts, he is going back to China this week so we were really sad to see him go!!  

Tonight Sis I. and I are going to visit the S. family, they are the ones who feed us every week and we absolutely LOVE their family!!!  The oldest daughter is who reminds me so much of Ava, and the son reminds me of Luke, we were so sad because they were on holiday last week and we weren't sure if they would be back tonight- but I rang her this morning and we will get to see them again!!!  It will be hard to say goodbye, since we are so close to them they are like my family here in England!

We are going to a Japanese buffet with all of our Chinese people today to say our goodbyes- when I called B. he was really really sad- but they will be fine, the church will be just as true when Sis I. and I leave ;) but it is sad to say goodbye- I am so blessed to serve here in Newcastle Upon Tyne! I LOVE IT!!! and i am SO blessed to go to another Chinese area! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YORK!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is one of the places in England I have actually heard of! hahahaha and I am right by the york minster (ya don't know how to spell it. . .. . . . . )

We also get to say goodbye to S. tonight- sad but I showed her a pic of Emily at church and she wants to get Emily’s email-- so i will give it to her tonight :) 

oh the sisters ate at the G.'s house- they are our favorite!  did you ever watch Sarah G.'s profile?? if not look it up! It was a hilarious tea appointment- I will miss them too!

I am excited to go to York- Sis I. and I will have a blast and see so many miracles!!!!!   I hear the ward we are going into is huge and so supportive! with a lot of YSA, which is good because once again we are a university area!!!  YAYAYAY!!!!!

Well love you loads! you're the best thanks for all your love and support!!!!!!!  hope all is going well with you!!

<3 sis Monroe

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