Monday, May 12, 2014

04.28.2014 -- A lot of Finding in the Rain

Hey family :) well this week was a lot of finding in the rain :) I hope it's true that april showers bring may flowers because if it is true then England is going to be FULL of flowers!!!

All in all it was another great week here in South Shields <3

We spent all pday with E., J., the other sisters and the Gateshead sisters :) It was such a great day!! It's crazy because the 6 sister missionaries- we have been together for 6 months!!! I just love them all so much and being with E. and J. :) Emma was wearing a maxi skirt and she was like look I look like a sister!! and she was so excited :)

I went on exchange this week with Sister Benner in Gateshead and we had SO much fun! Oh my gosh she is hilarious! And we found a new investigator!! Which really is so rare in Gateshead- I've just been so lucky to be on exchange and both times finding someone new! We are trying to get that to happen in our area!! But it was so fun because I got to go to that lady that we found last time I was there with Sister Neilson!

This week was Sister Nigido's birthday :)  we made german pancakes and made them into the italian flag- with kiwis cool whip and strawberries- got kinder eggs and hid them around the house- and then at night had a spa dance party with face masks :) and guess what! We found Belle!! The missing kinder egg surprise complete :)

With a week of finding there really isn't that many stories to tell!!!  But we got flogged one night by the less active that we were supposed to see- this evening happened to be dry and warm so that was good :) but we were knocking and we met this guy- he is an elementary school teacher at a catholic school and we had the best conversation with him!  sis Peck and I were like no way we were both at the same University studying to be elementary school teachers!  He was really interested in the Book of Mormon! The spirit was so strong as we were talking to him!!! It was great and the best news of all- we have a phone number and address :) so we will be seeing him this week! Oh man wish us luck!!!

I guess God is trying to teach us something by all of this finding!!
We were visiting one of the less actives that we see everyweek- I love this family SO much!  At first when we started visiting them it was pretty awkward and they didn't seem to really want us there- but we have gone in and loved them, made them laugh, and taught them and now she is always asking us when we can come the next week- it has been so great to see the Spirit change them!  They told us that they know that they are missing church in their lives and that they just need to come back- and we were so excited to hear that!! They also gave their daughter a Book of Mormon, the family is going through a really hard time and they said they knew it would help her.  We are so exciting because we are hoping to do a family home evening with them and start teaching her! :)

Well this is the last full week.   .  .  . we are starting to get worried- their is just no way that Nigido Lybbert and I can stay together any longer so we are just trying to live it up this week :)

Well love you lots!  <3

happy birthday mom and emmy!!! <3

<3 sis Monroe

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