Monday, May 12, 2014

05.12.2014 - Skype is Great!

Hello family!! Well it was great to skype you for a bit! I am still so excited for spencer!!!! yay!!

Not too much to report! but last night when we were walking home I had just said 'sister peck I REALLY want a new investigator!' and we felt impressed to knock at this less actives house- we talked to her for a while at the door step- turns out it has been ages since she has been to church and she has a lot of kids who have never been.  We were able to get a return appointment with her which is great!!  As we were walking there was this guy who was coming towards us and we looked at each other and since it was like 8:40 we knew this was probably our only chance- we talked to him and he was great!  He has been really wondering if there was a God who is there!  He has a 8 year old daughter who believes but he is unsure :) oh ya!  We will get to see him again on Wednesday!!!

Well today we are going to Newcastle on exchange :)   love you lots! have a great week!!

<3 Sister Monroe

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