Monday, May 12, 2014

05.06.2014 -- Transfers :(

Well I'm still a little in shock- I wasn't really expecting to leave, I am really excited for the next adventure and so grateful for the time that I have had in South Shields <3

We have had another great week in South Shields!! Things were looking up in our area- we just found 2 new investigators!!  That was so exciting! It was a miracle really- we were walking to a potentials house and we went a different way than we had planned- this guy was just sitting outside and we started talking to him, it was great!  He is religious and was so excited to hear more about the gospel!!  We just sat outside with him and taught him about the Book of Mormon :)

We had such a crazy busy week!!!

The first part of the week we were on exchange with the Newcastle uni sisters :)  We brought little Sister Lu, she is from mainland china, to our area and I stayed with her while Peck went to Newcastle.  It was a great exchange! We found SO many people!!!!!! It was the rain after a drought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is so cute as well- it was her first time ever knocking and she was terrified of dogs and cats!

On Thursday we had mission leadership council- it was also really good :)  talked a lot about planning and how important it is-  I've always been a planner, I got that from you mom :) but we were talking about how truly important it is to be able to make the best use of our time.  I love President Pilkington he is so funny- he was on a role throughout the meeting- Sister Peck and I were dying of laughter!  Then we went to Newcastle to go on exchange with the other sisters.  I got to go with Sister Rossi- it was so great to go with her! We were in the same district in the MTC!!

It was actually so poetic to be on exchange with Sister Rossi in Newcastle this week- this past Thursday was my one year mark from when I actually entered the mission field.  I got on a transfer bus with Sister Robison and we traveled for hours up to Newcastle.  The next day was my first day- I remember it so clearly- we were out in Newcastle City Centre (which is HUGE- really big city) and we were street contacting- I remember feeling SO nervous! especially when she said ok now you are going to do it by yourself!!  Well that day exactly a year later I was street contacting in Newcastle City Centre- not as nervous, just so happy to be out in that huge city to share the gospel!!!!!!  It was a really special experience!  I realized how much I have changed :) and how fast time goes by- it really gave me a sense of urgency - not just in missionary work but in life in general.  Life is so short and it is so important to be putting the best things first!  The Gospel, family that is what is truly important and if we don't put those things first one day we will wake up and be sad about our choices! 

We also had an amazing experience contacting that day- we were talking to this lady and she was SO interested, we went into the library and she said ''you probably think i'm weird but I've always wondered why there are so many different churches'' and we taught her lesson 1! she was so appreciative when we gave her a book of mormon! Oh my she was SO prepared! It was an amazing miracle!  She doesn't even live in Newcastle she lives in Gateshead- so we passed her to sister Neilson! But it was so great to find her!!

This weekend has been great- we did our last FHE with E. last night, and we are going to be saying goodbye to our South Shields family tonight.  Miracle all my stuff fits into my suitcases and I'm pretty much packed.  Tomorrow I will be headed into the industrial part of England- into Darlington :) I am really excited for this opportunity to go on an adventure with Sister Peck :) it will be great!!

I'll let you know about skype as soon as I can!  If you could send an email with the username and password- that would be great!  and We will probably skype like at 5 or 7 ish so it will be morning for you.  I think the same rules apply as last time- only an hour and what not-- but I AM SO EXCITED!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!! Love you!!!

<3 Sister Monroe

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