Saturday, September 27, 2014

09.09.2014 -- Crazy Good Week!!!

Hey family!! 

Oh man so this has been a crazy good week!!!

So I was studying this talk by president Monson called Consider the Blessings.  It is really good and you should all read it!

In it he says ''Our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and will help us as we call upon Him for assistance.  I believe that no concern of ours is too small or insignificant. The Lord is in the details of our lives!''  
I have really seen how true that is this week! I have seen the Lord's hand SO many times! It has been SUCH a good week!!

He then said ''I have found rather than dwelling on the negative, if we will take a step back and consider the blessings in our lives, including the seemingly small sometimes overlooked blessings, we can find greater happiness. I would recommend this exercise to you-that you take an inventory of your life and look specifically for the blessings, large and small you have received.''

So some of those blessings/highlights this week!

Well first of all- it is the last pday of the transfer and we have really fun plans!  Our district has matching shirts and we are going to the chapel to say goodbye to everyone, but when we got to the library to email with the elders, the computers weren't working!  We tried and tried but nothing was working. So Elder Hays was like ok guys we need to say a prayer! So we said a prayer aloud and yes the computers started to work!!! So miracle that I could talk to you guys this week!!

On Monday I got a surprise phone call from Sister Morris!! She heard that I had been ill so she got permission to phone me!  We were talking and I was just so touched, she said that if it wasn't for me she wouldn't have come back on her mission.  Now I don't know if I really did anything, but I love that girl so much- and I love the mission so much so the whole time we were together I just shared good times and good things about missions. She has been back for a transfer now! and she is doing really really good! and it just really really touched my heart that she would say that!!!  

There is this less active called A., she is AMAZING! she is an angel to me!  On Wednesday I had said a really specific prayer, it was after I studied that talk from President Monson, this whole week actually I have been studying about prayer- and really trying to improve the quality of my prayers.  Well when we visited A. this week, she said the exact thing I needed to hear. It was completely inspired of the Lord and in that moment I knew that God loved me so much, that I was His daughter and that He wanted to give me answers to my prayers!  It was a really simple thing that meant the entire world to me!!!  Then on Sunday A. bore her testimony, it was the most amazing testimony I had ever heard!  The love that she has for the Saviour and the sincerity of her beliefs touched everyone in the room, there was a light that was shining from her!  I am going to miss her SO much!!!

We were in Haworth, a little village outside of Keighley contacting, and as we were waiting for the bus to come back home this lady walks up.  We started to talk to her and we were having a wonderful conversation.  She plays the fiddle, and busks around different cities!  Her family is very very religious but when she was 18 she stopped going to that church, she has been on a search for truth ever since.  As we were on the bus I invited her to the baptism that Skipton was having that week, and she was excited and said she would come! She did end up coming!! We gave her a chapel tour and she really loved it!! It was a miracle!!

We were teaching our investigator D., we showed him the restoration dvd- we had a member Brother ONeill with us, it was so powerful!  At the end he was so excited to hear that we have a prophet on the earth today! He was so excited about the Book of Mormon and his closing prayer was wonderful, so very sincere!!

So remember when I was telling Bert that I don't move a lot. . .  . Well for the 5th time in 4 transfers I am packing again.   .   .  . I'm getting transferred to Huddersfield!!! I am so excited! I have never been to the south of the mission before, but this is where Sis Robison served for like 11 months and she LOVED it!!! I'm serving with Sister Decker and I AM SO SO SO EXCITED! She is amazing!!! I have met her a few times at meetings and she is just the cutest thing! I have NEVER been so excited for a new transfer!!

Well I love you! 

have a good week :)

<3 Sister Monroe  

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