Saturday, September 27, 2014

09.01.2014 - Happy Are We, Happy Are We

Hey family!!!  

Ya I am doing so much better than before!!  Thanks so much for your prayers and fasting because I have felt it for sure!!  :)

Hey it has been a great week! We have been able to go out for a pretty good chunk of everyday :) so that is happy!!!  I have actually learned so much this week! 

I was reading a talk from President Uchtdorf  and he said ''external circumstances don't really matter or determine our happiness.  We determine our happiness, we are ultimately in charge of our own happiness. . . No matter our circumstances, challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish!''  and I have really come to see how true that is!  It is crazy but I honestly have NEVER been happier!  I have the gospel and a MILLION other blessings! Now I really appreciate this sacred time as a missionary!  When I am out, you better believe I am trying to make the very most of every second!!

I am actually very grateful for this trial! And I am so glad it came when it did, not any earlier in my mission, but towards the end to remind me how exciting it is going out to talk to people, how wonderful it is to follow the daily schedule and how blessed I am to be a missionary!!
There are simply too many blessings in my life for me not to be happy! And I am just too full of joy, I cannot keep this happiness all to myself!

In a very real sense I have come to value my time SO much more!! Happy are we happy are we!!

Sunday, the ward went CRAZY when they saw me hahaha and we have a tea appointment every single day this week :) the elders are very jealous! hahaha 
We have been able to go out and mostly visit the less actives we are working with.  It has been great :)

I'm glad to hear Spencer is doing really well!!  

Today we are having a pancake party and transfer calls come in this saturday, weird! It will be the last transfer call that matters. .  . that is the weirdest thought in the world!

I love you so much!!
<3 Sister Monroe 

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