Saturday, September 27, 2014

09.22.2014 -- Great Ward

Oh man, such a busy week!!!  But so good :)

I just feel so blessed to be where I am!  Our ward is amazing! They are so willing to do ANYTHING for our investigators!  Cottage evenings are really big right now in our ward, we got a new ward mission leader about the same time I came into the ward and he is really good at getting things done! We have a cottage meeting every Monday with all the missionaries, our investigators! Sunday it was amazing, we had so many families come up to us and ask if we could come by this week with either E. and . or Y.  The ward really really loves these 3 investigators!  And I do too!!  There was one family that just invited E. over for family home evening tonight, we heard about it through E.! haha

Y., wow what a champ!  You know my testimony this week has been strengthened by seeing how hard the adversary is fighting against him! Bless him, it is crazy- he is being attacked at every single angle! But he went to the temple on Tuesday! With the YSA!  They gave him a quad while he was there!!!  T., a member from Leeds, stayed out on the grounds with him.  He had a really good experience!!  :)  We brought him to another baptism this week!  It was such a sweet baptism!  He is now praying about getting baptized on the 11th of October!!
One of our lessons with him was probably one of the highlights of my mission!  He was testifying about how he KNOWS this is right, and what he needs to do!  Then he was telling us how is family is about to kick him out and telling us how hard it is for him.  Wow the Spirit was so strong in that lesson!  It is amazing to see what some people sacrifice for the truth!

E. and L.! Oh, they are AMAZING!  E. is the sweetest thing ever! I love her to death!!!!  We made her tacos, it was her first time having Mexican food!  It was the first time I had had them in a really long time!  We were reading the Book of Mormon with her yesterday, and she was getting so excited! She was hooked, really into the story of Nephi getting the plates.  It was so nice to see, the excitement and love she has for the Book of Mormon!  I think we all should be that excited and love the scriptures as much as she does!!

T., he is amazing and giving us Chinese referrals left and right!  The other day when he called I said ''Ah! T. you're the BEST!!'' and he answered ''Nah, I'm just your average Chinese guy walking the streets.''  Bless him, he is so funny!  He is just so willing to have all of his friends meet us! Too bad he isn't so willing to come to church ;) we're working on that though :) 

We were going to an appointment with one of our Chinese investigators and it was on a Saturday night, at the University. Probably not the best idea--  But we get there he pulls out his BoM in Chinese and English and he tells us that he has been praying and reading and that he is loving it!  We were so excited!  Then his roommate comes in, with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and a lot of shot glasses.  . . Ya in that moment we didn't feel so great, so we got out of there.  We were so bummed because the lesson was going to be so good!  But when we were walking the pitch black cold streets, there was this lady who had been crying. We went over to see if we could help her, she had been going through a lot and at the end we gave her our number.  She was on her way to commit suicide that night, and we were so blessed to be in her path and calm her down! 

Love you!
~Sister Monroe  

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