Sunday, October 6, 2013

09.16.2013 Hard Work

Hey family! Sounds like you had such a good week!! I am so glad to hear that!! We had a great week here in York as well!!! 

So I have a story about working hard until the last minute-- so this week we were working on finding new investigators but we kept getting flogged and yesterday we only had 1 new investigator, but we still were working really hard and we had faith that we would find more-- so yesterday at 8pm we had a lesson with this chinese couple we met- they were so great!  They kind of knew about the Savior- but most of it was new to them, and they loved learning more!   When we challenged them to pray when they go home Thomas said, well I don't really know, I don't know if the God will be there- but if it works I will try it again.   It was such a powerful lesson!!  The spirit was so strong!  And so the last hour before we report on our week we had 2 new investigators!!!!!  Diligence and faith :) it pays off!
So our teaching pool is still pretty small, but it is all good because we are working really hard and seeing so many miracles!!!!   Our ward is amazing!!!!!  We taught the lesson in YWs which was so fun!  The members are so willing to give lifts to us and our investigators- they are so great!!

Sorry I am almost out of time!

But we had a lot of street contacting this week, a lot of member visits- and this ward is keeping us well fed!!  The zone leaders had a baptism this week and we were able to bring our investigator V. to the baptism- he really wants to learn more but he is having a hard time because he won't pray-  it is so different from his culture- but he really wants to learn more and he love the plan of salvation-  so we are so excited to continue to teach him and help him recognize the spirit!!!

I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do!! You are the best family ever!!!! I love you to death!!

<3 Sister Monroe

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