Tuesday, August 26, 2014

08.26.2014 -- Crazy week full of Doctors :(

Well there is never a dull moment in Keighley!  It has been a crazy week full of doctors and the A&E.  Since I last emailed home I have got to talk to you one the phone, rode in an ambulance, had district meeting in our back garden, President and Sister Pilkington came and visited us in the flat, slept- a lot!, oh and gave a talk in sacrament meeting :) and I am still alive to tell the tale so I feel like that is pretty good :)
Hey but we have seen a lot of miracles!  I have definitely seen the Lord's hand a lot this week!!  The first huge miracle is that I got a cardiologist appointment!  In this public health care system it usually takes AGES, so Helix (that is the church's private health care) doesn't mess around!  And Helix has been amazing, they have nurses that call me almost everyday to check on me see how I am doing and all that jazz :)
The zone leaders came to our flat Tuesday and Elder Crabb gave me a wonderful blessing! In it he promised that I would see miracles in Keighley and that I would be able to go out continue to do the Lord's work :) So that blessing has really help put me at ease :) 
The cat scan came back with nothing serious to worry about :)
My district leader Elder Hobby, the Keighley elders, and Sister Staheli and Peck are all taking such good care of me!  I am so blessed to have such great friends in the mission!!
President and Sister Pilkington call everyday :) and on Sunday they came to our house and came to check on me, it was really nice of them! They are the best!!  Elder Stevens, he is the medical adviser of England he calls every few days.  So I am really being looked after :)
And Brianne Burge is fabulous!! She bought groceries for us, and has arranged for the relief society to drop food off for us every day :)  This ward is amazing!! She is calling and giving you updates and arranging lifts for us, she really is the best!!!
I'm on 3 prescriptions right now and they are helping a lot with the pain! 
So I think that means that things are looking up :)
Thursday was district meeting and President didn't want me to leave the flat, so we asked if we could have district meeting in our back garden, he thought that was a great idea!! It was SO much fun! It rained the whole time, but it was perfect because we were talking about attitude and patience so it fit :) and we had set up a tarp and umbrellas so it was kind of like a tent over us. 
Sunday we went to sacrament meeting and Bishop comes up to me and says well I'm in trouble one of my speakers backed out will you give a talk for us? and I said well I'm not positive I can stand for that long but we can try :) so all of his talks ended up backing out so all 4 missionaries got to talk, it was fun!  I got up there and started my talk by saying ''well I am on a lot of pain medication right now, I hope that you understand my talk because my thoughts don't even make sense right now!'' but I think it ended ok :) I talked about obedience and the Wizard of Oz with 1 Nephi 17:13 as the main scripture.
Well I love you so much!  I am so happy to hear spencer is doing well :) Hope you have a good week! 
<3 Sister Monroe


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