Sunday, October 6, 2013

09.30.2013 -- Miracles!!!!

Wow so much happened this week!  I wish I had more time to email!!!  Well first off- glad to hear everyone is doing well!!  Loved the pics you sent this week!  I got the last family letters-- thank everyone for me!!!
I LOVED hearing from the family!  Sounds like lake powell was fun for everyone and that they are all doing good!

How is teaching mom??  Is Luke giving you trouble ;) 

Well good news!! Our little S. is doing so well!!  We met with her quite a bit this week :) M. loves us which is very good and is supportive of S. coming to church and learning more!!  Sarah was so shy but she really opened up- even at church!!  She loves the YW, btw the YW in this ward are amazing and have really loved S. and fellowshipped her nicely!  It has been amazing to see the transformation in her! She says the things we are teaching her helps her feel safe and happy.

Our biggest miracle came from V.- so we sadly had to kind of half drop V., he says he wants to learn, read and come to church!  But he has no desire to change from Buddhism or to pray.  So we were really sad after that lesson. . . But he invited his 3 housemates to church- they are 3 girls brand new to England!  They came to church- LOVED it!  we were able to schedule all 3 of them!!!  They really want religion in their life because they said- the world values are going down and they want morals and standards in their life, they really want to know if there is a God and S. said I am willing to do anything to find out!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was amazing!! At the end of church V. was like I am helping you with your missionary work!  It was so amazing!!!!!

We met this great guy named A., he really wants to know if there is a God, sadly JWs got to him before we did, so he is meeting with their missionaries but coming to church with us. . . . . ?? ya I don't know how we managed to get him to church (MIRACLE) but they are teaching him miracles in the bible- so we are teaching him that miracles happen today! But it is with God's Priesthood, which is with our church :D  But it was quite the adventure getting him to church. . . We met him in city centre- he was late so we missed our bus. There wasn't enough time to walk- so in total we waited outside for like an hour got to church about 10 mins early and then we were running around like crazy all throughout church-  whoever said Sundays are a day of rest, was not talking about missionaries!  Church is our most hectic stressful time of the week!!!  But church was SO good this week!  We were blessed to have 6 investigators at church! talk about a miracle!!!!!!! 

The ward here is so amazing!

After church we went to a members home and had tea, they invited S. too!  They were such great fellowshippers! Really welcoming and supportive! She really opened up!!

We have really seen this area pick up this week!! It has been amazing!!!! I love this area! I love this ward! We are so blessed here in York!! :)

I love you all <3

<3 Sister Monroe

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