Thursday, October 10, 2013

10.06.2013 - Another Great Week in York! Bloody Elders and Sisters Hit by Taxi

Hey family!  This has been another great week in York!!! Next week is transfer calls!!! What?! crazy how fast time flies!!!

This week we have had a lot of lessons with S.!  It has been really great- she is growing so much!  She is still super shy but she has been able to open up a lot more.  She really feels like a part of a big family when she is at church- that is one of the reasons she is most excited for baptism! 

T. and V.- they are the couple we are teaching- they are SO prepared!!  It is amazing, they were in Scotland for 2 weeks so we weren't able to meet with them for a while- but they prayed together every day, and they really grew so much during that time!  So we are so excited because now we are meeting with them more and they are loving learning about God- and they are starting to experience and recognize the Spirit in their life!  I LOVE teaching the Chinese because they know nothing about ''the God'' and as we teach them they get so excited and start to have ''the face in the God'' (faith in God) and it changes their lives forever!!  We are so blessed to teach T. and V.!!  They make me so happy! Whenever we call them V. is always like ''OH Monroe'' (Chinese people have the hardest time saying Monroe- and it is so cute every time!!) and she gets so excited!

We brought T. and V. to our tea appointment (dinner) at the Bishops home this week- and talked about how the gospel blesses families and prophets.  It made them so excited because they want that for their future family!!!!!  and they came to a session of conference with us- it was so great, they couldn't understand much, just key words- but they really enjoyed it!  They felt the spirit so strong!  and T. could not get over how the church started with 6 people and now has 15 million- that made him excited haha.

It was so different having conference in England!  We watched the Saturday morning on Saturday evening, and then Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning on Sunday. And wow getting investigators to church is stressful but conference was so much crazier!!  But S., T., V., S. and E. all really enjoyed it!!  (S. and E. are two of V.’s roommates and they continue to be a miracle every time we meet with them! THEY ARE SO GREAT!!)  We were just really worried watching it with them because they can't completely understand- and sometimes they talk about things we haven't taught them yet.  But they all had spiritual experiences and they all really enjoyed the talks and the Spirit they felt!  It was SO great!!!!

Well the Lord really is hastening His work! We are finding so many prepared people!  It is so great!! 
Next week is transfer calls- I think I am leaving York :( and leaving the Chinese agenda.  I am preparing myself for the worst so I won't get disappointed ;) haha But no matter what happens I know it will be great!

OH so at district meeting we came out of follow-ups and all the missionaries were in the foyer we were like what's going on?!  The elders were doing a push up competition and one elder dared another to do a push up and clap behind his back- well he didn't catch himself and fell on his face and started bleeding so bad- his white shirt was red, an ambulance ended up getting him and he had to get stitches. . . It was crazy!  At the time it was scary because he was losing so much blood-- and it happened to be the week our zone leaders weren't there haha So when elder B. heard it he kept calling the accident an act of heroism ;) poor elder!!  The same day the other set of sisters got hit by a taxi- we still don't know for sure what happened but they are fine!  Crazy stuff!!

Well, I love you all!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!

<3 Sister Monroe 

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