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10.15.2013 -- Top of the Mornin' - locked out of the flat, again

Hey family!!

Well you already heard!  But S. got baptized this week!!! Everything about Sarah was a miracle!!!  From Elder Newman knocking on one more door and finding her to us teaching her- it is just amazing the change the gospel has brought in her life!  When she came out of the water and into the bathroom she started jumping up and down she was so excited!!!  It was a great service!!!

It has been a super crazy week!!  Well teaching wise quite a few of our solid people dropped us, always sad.  But we are still blessed to have a big teaching pool!  T. and V. are so cute, we had a great lesson with S.  and E. about the plan of Salvation.

We went on exchange with the sister training leaders this week and it was a lot of fun! 
Mostly we were busy planning the baptism and lots and lots of lessons!!!! Wow we had a crazy week of lessons!!!  We are teaching these 2 English guys who are very religious, work for their church.  We met with them 2 times this week- it is amazing how the spirit guides you in lessons!  We have had really powerful lessons with them!!! All of the concerns they have about a living prophet and the Book of Mormon make sense- like they really want to know but it is very different from what they believe, so we are helping them to see they just have to put in their effort and they will know!  We prepare a lot for their lessons and the Spirit has prompted me what to say and what I have studied!! It's great!

So Saturday was the baptism- it was a great service everything went well :) but it is always stressful! Then Sunday we both had to speak in sacrament, we got to do sharing time for the primary and then we had the relief society lesson- it was a CRAZY day!!!!  We had tea at a members house and had a lesson.  The lesson was great! It was with this Chinese girl named A., she invited the spirit in so strong! She has a little knowledge of God and she wants to believe in Him- but we had such a powerful lesson! it was great, we invited at the end of the lesson, and she accepted a baptismal date! She was our miracle!

Then we walk home, in the cold rainy night. We get home and realized neither one of us grabbed our keys. . . . . So we waiting outside for an hour in the cold rain until the zone leaders decided what they would do with us. . . .. they ended up picking us up and driving us to Harrogate- where the other sisters are and we slept at their flat. . . they live pretty far away- and Sis Ith and I didn't sleep at all that night- hahaha we were SO dumb to BOTH forget a key!!!!!!!! The good news is their flat was HUGE and SO NICE! 

Oh and transfers- I'm staying in York! With Ith, actually pretty much everything stayed the same- so it was a little boring hahaha but by the end of the transfer I will be 7 1/2 months on the Chinese agenda!  That is the longest an English speaker has ever gone :)  lucky me!! I love it!

Well love you all!!! hope you have a great week!!!

<3 Sister Monroe

Oh I forgot to tell you why the subject was top of the mornin'.  So yesterday- was the morning we ''woke up'' in Harriogate- we didn't get any sleep so we were in a very weird crazy mood. . . We had district meeting and we were walking from the train station to our chapel and Sis Ith dared me to say top of the mornin’ to the next person that walked by, and we kept doing that to everyone we passed- we got so many weird looks and it was so funny!

The St Deny's -- American equivalent to Denny's!

Halloween package received!

Transfer predictions



Gore family

Locked out of Flat -- Companion trying to get in.

Locked out of Flat -- Companion trying to get in

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