Sunday, December 15, 2013

11-26-2013 Transfer to South Shields -- Training Greenie

Alright alright, so you know I am going to South Shields!! whoop whoop I AM SO EXCITED! after the shock passed yesterday of whitewash training in an English area, I was SO excited!!!

So I don't have much time- but it was great to talk to you both today <3 I love you!

This week was great! we ended up staying in Harrogate another night- in total 3 nights, it was sad to be out of our area for so long!  But we are safe now :) 

But I just wanted to tell you of a miracle that happened!  We were street contacting, it was really cold really dark and A. had just dropped us :( I was feeling a little sad, so Sister Ith was talking to a Chinese person and I went up to this Chinese group of 5 people.  Stopped them and the girl in front was SO not interested she kind of rolled her eyes and turned and said something to the group-- I opened my mouth and something AMAZING happened!!  Chinese came out!!!!! I have no idea what I said other than I am a missionary. . .  .  but it stopped her in her tracks- they all looked at each other and I was able to talk to 2 of them!!  (the girl ended up walking away) but IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! and even though I am so so so so sad about leaving chinese!  It ended great :)

WHOOP whoop I am so excited for the next couple of days :) it is going to be hard work but I know that the Lord is on my side and that the Holy Ghost guides us in our work- and gives us the words to say!!


<3 Sister Monroe
With Harrogate Sisters

 With Sister Ith

Getting hair trimmed

With Sister from Harrogate area

 At Zone Conference

At Zone Conference

Ward Party in York

Ward Party in York

Great family in York!

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