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12-09-2013 -- New area (South Shields) and Greenie -- Lots of Pictures

My new baby / Greenie! -- Sister Neilson
(More pictures below)

Sadly my very very precious email time is SO short today :( a member is taking the 4 sisters shopping- then we have zone pday- also I have so many pictures to send!!

But hello family! glad to hear that everyone is doing good! sounds like your life is all basketball all the time! that is exciting!!!  Sounds like Spence is having a blast! I am so glad that he played this year!!!!!
Thanks for the chirstmas decorations!  They are all up and we are all getting so excited for Christmas!!! :) 
This was a great week!  Seeing the Sunderland family at pday was so great :) we watched despicable me 2- it's pretty cute! 

It is so different being in an English area- but it is still great, just a different kind of great, I am learning to appreciate the little things and learning to have more faith!  

Currently we still only have 1 investigator but he is such a miracle! and our ward mission leader is amazing! He comes out to every single lesson!  D. has come to church 2 times and obviously everyone needs the gospel but he really needs it at this time in his life! and he is so prepared it is amazing!!!!

We did a lot of knocking this week!! A LOT more than I have ever done my whole mission times by 100! hahaha but there aren't that many places to street contact in our area and there are 300 less active members in our ward!! crazy!!!!!

So we are going around meeting as many as we can and contacting around their area- it is slow- a lot slower than a chinese area but it is still great :)

We met this amazing lady who is less active- she still sends her kids to church every week and we had a POWERFUL lesson with here- lots of tears and we are going back this week to do an FHE with her kids! we are so excited!!!! 

Also another less active we just stopped by- she hasn't been to church or had any contact with the church in about 14 years- and she said she decided that she was going to stop smoking and drinking- and the day she finally started that was the day we stopped by!  wow!! amazing!!

The sister training leaders did a day exchange with us Sister Huang went with Sister Neilson and I went with sister Peck- it was a great day!!  It was weird to be around sister huang again- it was like nothing changed and we were still companions! I loved it!!

I just love it here in South Shields!!!! Sister Neilson and I are having so much fun and I LOVE the sisters we live with!!!!!! 

I love being a missionary! Even though mornings are SO hard hahaha!!

Well I love you all :) hope you have a great week!!!!

<3 Sister Monroe

Travel Notebook

Saying Goodbye to Investigators in York

More Goodbye's

More Goodbye's

One of my favorite Streets in York!

Awe...York University!

Another favorite Street in York!

Two sets of missionaries in York

Transfer day!

President and Sister Pilkington with Sister Neilson

With Greenie!

Beautiful sunset in South Shields

Took my Greenie to McDonald's

South Shields dance party


Purple and Red?  It was so cold that it really didn't matter;)

I got to ride the Stair Life!

Family picture in South Shields with Christmas decorations -- thanks mom for the decorations!

More decorations

Nice Purple wall!

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