Sunday, December 15, 2013

12-02-2013: Love being a Missionary, Love the Work!

Well hello!!!

Good to hear that you all are doing well and happy :) happy thanksgiving!  Hope you had a nice day full of stuffing :) mmmmmm ;)  well things are so great here in South Shields!  We are working hard!  We have had a lot of member lessons- getting to know the ward and visiting less actives :)  We have actually found a new investigator too!!  That was a miracle! We met him on Friday- had a lesson with him Saturday and he came to church on Sunday- miracles happen :)  We are trying to find more though!! 

Ya so last pday in York was great, we went inside the York Minster- it is beautiful. Said goodbye to the people there, wow I actually really miss York! But I am so glad to be up north again!  Really it is great! Back into the Sunderland stake- it is so great because I know a few people here or they recognize me and it is so fun! 

Nothing to big to report on :)

Sister Neilson is great!  Having so much fun with her :)  life is good!  I just love being a missionary!  It makes me so happy, even when we talk to people that couldn't be bothered listening to us and a lot of times they can be rude- but I still love it so much!  I have such a strong testimony of the Spirit guiding us in this work!! 

In our lesson with D., so he grew up Christan when we talked about the Atonement I asked him if he believed that Jesus Christ was his Saviour and he stopped dead in his tracks- he was like how did you know to ask that- turns out he didn't really believe that because he doesn't really know.  There were a few other times in that lesson he kept saying 'how do you know' it was an amazing experience! 

During study on Sunday we were talking about some things that he needed to understand better- what we could do to help him- found some scriptures to share- then in gospel principles EVERYTHING we talked about got discussed! It was AMAZING!!!  I believe in miracles :)  I love this work! 

We are getting so excited for christmas!  our flat is going to be such a party :) 

Love you all <3  thanks for everything you do!!

<3 Sister Monroe

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