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11.11.2013 -- Staying busy and trying to stay dar and warm

Hello!!  Well this has been such a great week here in York :)  So much better this week :D 

So we met this guy named E., he is from africa and we taught him the next day.  He is a very religious guy, as most africans are, so we did lesson one with him- and it was by far the most powerful lesson I have had yet on the mish!  It wasn't a lesson at all it was a discussion and everything he said or asked about lead to the next point perfectly!  He thinks it is amazing that we have a prophet on the earth today!  He says that only makes sense :)  and when we gave him his own copy of the book of mormon he was so grateful! it was SO GOOD! invited him to come to church the next day and invited him to be baptized- yes and yes to both.  Sadly we got a text sunday morning, his parents aren't as excited about it as he is- they told him not to go into a mormon church until he knows more.  So we are meeting with him today- luckily this is just a minor set back because he still really wants to read the book of mormon and meet with us :) so we are bringing a YSA guy who his preparing for his mission out with us tonight and we hope everything will go well!

So we had some great lessons with A.!  She is the most solid at the moment for baptism.  we were at the library cafe, where we do most of our teaching, and we had just started our lesson with A.- when the next lesson showed up SO early- so sis ith took them and I stayed with A.  It was such a great lesson- she was saying at first praying was awkward and she didn't feel like anyone was listening to her. . But now she knows that God is listening- she says she can tell anything to God but she doesn't think that He is answering back yet.  So last night when we met with her we gave her a list of ways to recognize the spirit and asked if she had experienced any of those things- she said she had and then she realized that God has been talking back!  YAY!!!  She has been telling her friends about meeting with us and her friend saw how excited she was so she bought her a cross necklace- A. was so excited, so we didn't have the heart to tell her our church doesn't wear crosses. . . . .. . . . . .  hahaha

We had a really fun week as well :)  York is a slower area but we are working really hard!  It is starting to look like Christmas here :)  I can't wait!!!!!!!

This week was poppy appeal, which is the day they remember the ones that died in war- they go ALL out here-like all of us missionaries had to wear a poppy on our name tag- church was a special sacrament combined with york 1 and we had a moment of silence, and it was all poems from war- we even sang God Save the Queen- it was really an amazing sacrament :) and our 2 investigators there really enjoyed :)

so our investigator S. was supposed to go to church, her ride was late so she decided to walk to church-  it was her first Sunday this time-  she calls the people giving her a lift and said I'm outside the church should I go in or wait for you- they were like oh just go in you'll find the missionaries. . Well she ended up going to the wrong church hahahaha and we couldn't get a hold of her- so bless her she tried to go to church, it was just the wrong one. . . hahaha

This week was mostly full of lessons with a little street contacting :) so it was a really good week! We are staying busy and trying to stay dry and warm :)  

Well I love you all <3  have a good week!!!
~Sister Monroe 


With Sister Ith 

With Investigator

With Sister Ith

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