Sunday, December 1, 2013

11.18.2013 -- Zone Conference

Hello from Harrogate England!!!! oh man so much to tell y'all!!  So sis Ith and I spent the night in Harrogate last night and we will tonight as well- so we were taking lunch yesterday before church and our carbon monoxide detector kept going off- so we went to church, the zone leaders went to check it out after- decided it would be best if we spent the night in Harrogate., which we were SO EXCITED FOR!! whoop whoop we LOVE the Harrogate sisters, it was so fun last night! so we have pday today, then we will work here tonight- then tomorrow is zone conference!!! WHOOP WHOOP and it just happens to be in Harrogate so it is way nice we don't even have to travel!!!!!!!!!!  :) awe ya!

ok so much to tell you! so I don't know if I have told you about A., S., and K.. . . . so we met A. a couple of weeks ago- and she brought S. to the first lesson- they are both AMAZING! and the next time they brought K.- all 3 are scheduled for december and honestly they could get baptized way sooner!  so we were teaching S. and she already knew all about the word of wisdom and chastity- which usually is a bad thing- then she was like, ya my sister goes to BYU in America- she lives with a family who are mormons- she became a mormon 2 years ago and has told me how amazing the church is!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! can you say MIRACLE!  she is so excited to learn EVERYTHING and she wants to be baptized!  but get this- so her sister probably would have bumped into Ith in the Asian ward on campus- and she studies education, we are the same age so I probably had a class with her!!! She showed us a pic and we didn't recognize her but weird huh!!!!!

It was amazing, and S. was sick this week so when we confirmed if she was going to come to church, we were a little nervous- but she was like yes! I missed it last week and I will not miss it again!  IT WAS SO GREAT! hahaha 

We taught A. the word of wisdom- sadly it didn't go over as good with her as it did S.  She LOVES her tea! The first lesson was really long and she was like if God loved me He wouldn't ask me to give up what I love- and my doctors tell me tea is healthy. . . . . but we met her again and talked about the Atonement, sacrifice and faith, and it went a lot better!  so hopefully she can stay strong! She only lasted a day last we heard. . . . . 

Such a busy week, full of lessons!! which is so great :)  we had at least one member with us everyday this week! We are working hard to build up the YSA and it was so fun!

We got E. to institute- found his real concern is that he is nervous about meeting new people and new situations- his parents are going to have the missionaries in their area come over!! amazing huh! so he loved institute- and it was the Isaiah chapters so that is always amazing ;) but he was supposed to come to church and then never showed up :(  but two of the members texted him and told them they missed seeing him so that was good :) 

Ya so we have zone conference tomorrow! I am so excited!!!!!!!! Get to see our newcastle peeps!! YAY!  and President is always amazing at instructing!!  he came to our ward yesterday, the ward loves him! He is an amazing public speaker but he talks so fast that our investigators didn't understand a word he said hahaha

We got a senior couple in york!  They are from Alabama! they are so great!  it is exciting having them here!

It was such a great week! Next week I'll be emailing on tuesday because of transfer calls <3  so you can make your predictions!  Thats what us sisters will be doing tonight!!  I'm guessing i'm leaving york. . . I am actually really sad about that! I found a new love for york the past 2 weeks. . . but I am ready for change!  

Congrats Spence on making the basketball team!  Good luck Emmy with your solo!  What happened to the car?!?!

I love you all so much!  Thank you for everything you do for me! You are really the best family ever and I can feel all the love and support!  I love you!!!!!!!! so glad to know that families are forever


<3~Sister Monroe

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