Saturday, June 28, 2014

05.28.2014 -- oh my goodness this has been the best week ever!!!

Hey family! oh my goodness this has been the best week ever!!!

So it started with zone conference!  ALWAYS so good!  The spirit is so strong and I walk out feeling invincible!  So straight after we took the car and headed to our adventure exchange in Gateshead :)  I got to go with Sister Neilson! Oh my goodness- it was seriously the best exchange ever!!  We worked SO hard and laughed SO much and it was a powerful exchange! That sister is AMAZING!  She is so so good!  We did a lot of street contacting :) and saw so many miracles! It was so great to be back with her!!!!!

This week my testimony of prayer has been strengthened SO much! I truly know that God knows exactly what we need, and that He wants to bless us so much- but He is just waiting for us to ask and then He will shower us with blessings!!  This week we prayed- as usual- that we would be guided to those that are ready to hear the gospel- and that those who are prepared will flock to us.  And they have been flocking!!
We have 4 new investigators!!!! whoo!!!! 3 of who are member referrals!!! It was so great!!!

The fourth we were knocking in the rain and we were guided to this house- when we knocked on the door we started to have a great conversation with this man- he said why don't you come in. It turns out a friend had given him a copy of the Book of Mormon 3 years ago- and he knows it is the word of God.  He is really involved with his own church but he is so great! and we are so excited to go back to see him!!!

We have had such a great week :) 

Glad to hear everyone is happy back home!

Love you!!

<3 Sister Monroe

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