Saturday, June 28, 2014

06.17.2014 -- Call from Mission President

Hey family!!! well we had another great week here in Darlington!!  Hope you had a good fathers day dad! sorry I'm the worst daughter ever! I didn't quite finish my letter last week, so I had to wait until this pday to finish it- but it is already in the post so. . . better late than never right?!?!  the same amount of love is there though :)

The beginning of the week we went on exchange and sister cochran came here to darlo and we got to go together :)  well we got flogged, every single appointment.  So we did a lot of finding :) which was fun!!  I accidentally forgot the map, but I knew the general area, we were going to try by one of our investigators and I knew he lived off of Nunnery Ave so every person we saw we were asking where Nunnery Ave was.  It was pretty funny because everyone thinks sister missionaries are either 1. Jehovah witness or 2. nuns.  So at first everyone thought we were these 2 american nuns who were lost trying to find nunnery ave. . . .

Sister Cochran and I were tracking up by our chapel which is a 30-40 min walk from our flat.  It was a little before tea time and we were like oh man this is great! the weather is so nice, the sky is blue we are only wearing short sleeves!!  Well that never lasts too long in england because we noticed a little black cloud WAY in the distance, a few hours later it was POURING, and there was thunder and hailing. . . . .  so we started to head towards the flat to take tea while the storm passed.  Then it started hailing so hard so we ran from tree to tree- dancing the whole way home! it was so fun!!!  But then all the sudden it was sunny again.  The english weather, it is CRAZY! one moment it can be hotter then the depths of hell and then the next it can be hailing. . . I don't get it! hahaha

Sister Peck and I had such a fun week!!  We met some crazy people! Yesterday when we were contacting in town we were talking to this 18 year old girl, who is so cute and we were having the best conversation with her!  Testifying about how she can know that there is a God, sharing personal experiences and then B. walks up.  She is a member in the ward she runs up and gives us big hugs and tells us that she is really tipsy and she is about to head back into the pub.  She then looks straight at me and says 'my husband says you are the more beautiful one' then goes on to dis sis peck right there in front of her and this girl named C.  We never told C. that she is a member of our church! we kind of just laughed it off and said we meet crazy people being missionaries.  right when we said that another drunk lady comes up and starts playing with sis pecks hair!  oh man darlo such an interesting place! good news is though that we got a return appointment with C.!!! :)

One evening we got flogged and we were like oh man! because the world cup is going on right now and it is HUGE here in england!  drunks everywhere and they all get so into the games! so we were a little hesitant to go knocking, but we prayed about a street and went for it, we ended up meeting this man who has been wondering if there was a God, he has a copy of the Book of Mormon already that he got years a go!  We talked to him for almost an hour! it was so great!!! :)

Saturday we had a tea appointment at the Crawfords (who are great members!) and there littlest girl Lottie said I hope you guys aren't getting transferred! It will ruin my birthday next week!  Well the calls came in that night.  I got a call from President and he asked me if he could reassign me, which is fancy words for I'm being dropped as a sister training leader.  There is a sister who has been in for 6 weeks and her trainer is going home early so he asked if I would step in and finish training her.  Of course! I LOVE training!!! I am so so so excited!!
So I'm going to Keighley, which is right outside of Leeds!  I am SO excited!!!!!   Sister Morris is from Wales and I hear that she is so fun and funny! So I am pumped!!!
It is hard to leave sis peck but I can't wait!!!

Hope you guys have a great week! I'll keep Richard in my prayers! I love you so much!

<3 Sister Monroe

Nunnery Lane

this is a recent convert named David, he walks an hour each way to get to church every single week! he is my hero!


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