Saturday, June 28, 2014

06.09.2014 -- Soaked Through

Hey family!! Well another amazing week here in Darlington!  We have been so blessed here! The members are fabulous and with the referrals they are giving us and all of the finding we are doing we have been so blessed with a pretty solid teaching pool!!  It is so exciting!!!! :)

This week we went on exchange with South Shields- and we brought them here to Darlington.  I got to serve with Sister Nigido all day Tuesday- oh man that girl is POWERFUL! we had so much fun! We got to spend a lot of time street contacting in town- it was the most awkward thing ever-- we stopped these two ladies and we were talking to them, this guy who was smoking against the wall kept joining in the conversation and eventually the two ladies walked away.  So we just kind of scooted over to start talking to this guy and then we had a great conversation with him! We were able to talk about the Book of Mormon and how he can know if God is there.  He said that he really has been wondering if there was a God and that he really wanted to know for himself.  So we gave him a Book of Mormon!  :) so good!

Then as it does in England- the rain POURED DOWN this week-- big shock ;)

One day it was so bad!! I was so grateful that I had my red raincoat because even with that I got soaked through!! hahah we went to tea at Sister Dores house and she said that she needs to stop inviting the missionaries because every time she does there is a big storm!  We were so blessed that day though because even though we were knocking in the rain- which usually people just automatically slam the door-- we were able to find some really really good people!!!

I think by the time that I am finished with my mission I am going to be a qualified therapist and painter!! This week we helped N. and D. paint their house- it was a lot of fun!

Also huge miracle- they came to church!! and so did M.!  It was such a good sacrament meeting so we were so glad that they were all there!!

The biggest miracle this week was yesterday, we got this referral from missionaries in Scotland they were teaching this family but they moved into our area.  We have been trying to get a hold of them all transfer and finally yesterday- we were able to see them!!! :) and she is AMAZING! the husband is in the military and he is away for a few weeks- but she told us how she has been praying (big Christian belief before) but she has had such a strong feeling to read the book of mormon again, so she was so grateful that we came by!  :)
Oh man things are really looking up here in Darlington!! there are some really good things about to happen!  

We get our transfer calls this Saturday so all fingers crossed!!!

thanks for the shoes I love them so much!!! thanks for all your love and support!!! :)
I realized something this week-- please share this with Spencer!--  How important obedience is!  With our calling we work with all kinds of missionaries and after almost 6 months as serving as a STL I have been able to find something in common with every single missionary who is struggling.  They are all struggling for different reasons- but it goes down to the little things of obedience.  Hard things come, that is to be expected in life especially as a missionary-- but like President Monson said the great test in this life is obedience.  I have found it doesn't start with a missionary thinking oh I am going to be lazy and disobedient today.  It starts with the really small things,  at 6:30 when the alarm goes off- oh man I am so tired, well I think I am going to sleep in for a few minutes today.  Or it is 8:50 and it is pouring rain, no one is out let's just go in.  Those little things overtime grow into big things- every single time.  and eventually the disobedience brings unhappiness- every single time.  If a missionary wants to be happy- it is through obedience and hard work- especially in those hard times! Oh man I have really come to see how importance diligence and obedience are!! And of course no body is perfect, but the Lord requires a willing heart and I am so grateful for the examples of obedience I have seen over my mission for Sisters Robison, Huang, Ith, Neilson, and Peck who are all such good examples of obedience! and I know that is the reason I have loved my mission- not because it has been easy, because it hasn't but because it has brought me closer to the Lord :)  So Spencer, and any other missionary who is about to go out, I have seen the effects of a disobedient missionary and it isn't good so try your best to be obedient and I PROMISE you will be happy and blessed!!

Love you!

<3 Sister Monroe

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