Saturday, June 28, 2014

06.23.2014 - New Area

Well guess what! Summer has come! It has been 3 days without rain- touch wood! and I hope it stays like this longer!!

Hmmm well mom attacked me with questions so hopefully I can answer all of them.

So on Tuesday sis Peck and I went to a castle and a small market town, our last pday together, it was really weird.  Then we went to say good bye to N. and D. (oh and dad they have tried to add me on facebook but it wouldn't let them, so they emailed my facebook- will you look them up and add them?! and M. too) then we had the last lesson with T. and M.
By some miracle I fit everything into my suitcases and we carried the heavy luggage down 4 flights of stairs.
Transfer meeting was really good, my first district leader went home and a lot of missionaries that I have served around so it was a really weird meeting!  It was actually a lot harder than I thought it was to leave the north and go into the Leeds zone.  This is the first time in 8 months that I haven't been around sister Neilson or Nigido.
Sister Nigido was at the transfer meeting too so we got our goodbyes there.  The weirdest thing is Sister Ith goes home at the end of this transfer. It will be so weird to send her off! The worst part is since she is in the south I probably won't even see her to say goodbye! :(

But Keighley is good, you say it keith-lee.  It is very hilly, which is so good because I am going to get in shape :) hopefully! But probably not because this ward loves missionaries! :) which is good but we have tea appointments every day which isn't as good for the waist line ;)
I have really enjoyed my time here so far! Sister Morris is super cute, and since she is from this country I am hoping that I will actually sound more British!! :)
The flat is pretty good, we live in a chavy area, but the flat is nice.  It is a two story flat and it is so weird because the toilet is downstairs but the sink and the tub are upstairs so we have to run up and down the stairs just to go to the bathroom.  But it is super green and pretty over here!!
The ward is great!  I loved going to church yesterday! It was the most spiritual meeting I have even been to! The relief society lesson was on Elder Bednar's talk last conference so it was all on the Atonement! It was so powerful!  I know that our Saviour loves each one of us so much and that we mean so much to him that he is in the details of our lives.  I had an amazing experience today where I was praying with a specific concern and I was guided to the exact scripture that had my answer. Isn't it amazing that we receive personal guidance in our lives!  I just love being a missionary SO much!!!

Well that is pretty much all the exciting news I have :)

love you!

<3 Sis Monroe 

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