Saturday, June 28, 2014

06.02.2014 - She sounds funny. . . . hmmm is that what we sound like??

Hey family!!!!
Well this has been another great week!!!!! CONGRATS to SPENCER FOR GRADUATING!! WHOOO loved the pics! and congrats to emmy too!! sounds like a busy and good week!!!!! :) 

Guess what!  Emma has a calling in the South Shields ward!  She is the 2nd counselor in the primary presidency!!!!  Awe :) our little Emma <3 it is so exciting to hear!!!!!

So this week we were on exchange in Stanley the beginning part of the week, and the rest of the week we have been able to teach M., and N. and D. as well as do a lot of finding! So it has been a great week!!!

Ok so M., he is the boyfriend of a less active named T.- this is a crazy story-  I knew T. when I was in Newcastle because she would sometimes take a train up there and come teach with me and sister Robison.  Well in testimony meeting yesterday she got up and said how the week before we came to Darlington she was on holiday and she kept hearing my name.  So she emailed Sis Robison and found out I had been transferred to her ward.  She has been less active for like a year and we have been helping her come back.  After our first visit with her, her boyfriend noticed that she was happier and he wanted to know why.  So we have been teaching him ever since :) we were able to get him to a baptism this weekend and to church as well!!  At the baptism his eyes were tearing up, and he is not the type to cry so it was great!!!

N. and D.e (weird huh!) are referrals from our ward mission leader. A couple of weeks ago our WML called us on a different number when I answered the phone and found out it was him I was like, oh man! We thought it was a new investigator calling us.  he paused and then I heard ''hey mate, can the sisters come by tomorrow and teach you, you sure? you can't bail on them!'' so we stopped by the next day- and they are GREAT!  she wants to get baptized-- our WML has brought them to church before and has taught them pretty much all of the lessons already.  Oh by the way our ward mission leader just got back from his mission around a yearish a go and these are his university friends.  Well she would be baptized if it wasn't for him! they live together and so it is a tricky situation because he doesn't really believe in God-- the good news is though that they are reading the Book of Mormon :)

Other than that we did a lot of finding! and it was great!!!! :)  we were really blessed this week and have 3 return appointments tomorrow alone with potentials- so pray for us!! :) 
Ya I'm loving Darlington! It is great :)

We were at church on Sunday and this lady in relief society starts talking- sis peck and I look at each other and we were thinking hmmm she sounds funny.   .   .  . turns out she's from Canada-- and we were like weird! is that what we sound like to people?!?! we are just so used to the accent I guess!! hahahaha

I have just really come to see how much the Lord blesses us when we try our best!  Something that I have started to do is each night in my journal writing down how I have seen the Lord's hand that day.  It is amazing because every single day there is something.  It isn't always something big but I know that the Lord is in the details of our lives and that all things work out to those who believe- then work hard!!

Love you!!

<3 Sister Monroe

In Richmond, England

First Kool-aid in England

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