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12.16.2013 - Incredible Members

Hello family and friends :)

Hi'ya you alright?!  Well it has been another fantastic week here in South Shields! I am really loving this area!! 

So on monday last week- The Powers in our ward took us out shopping, they wanted to get us something for Christmas and they bought me a coat.  How nice is that!  I felt so so bad- but I am so grateful for the coat!  It has kept me warm and dry this week and it meant so much to me that someone here cares about us so much!  Sister Lybbert got the same coat and they told us they just want us happy and warm this Christmas.  It really was so sweet of them!

We worked hard Tuesday and Wednesday we are finally getting used to the area!  Our days consist of going by and visiting less actives and knocking in their areas.  So much knocking and we had success this week!  We got into 2 houses!!!! YAY!! and then a load of potentials that said we can call by next week :) yay!!!

Wednesday night we slept over at the Gateshead sisters flatt-- it was SO fun! We got there after 9 pm and we had so much fun!  We had to wake up at 4:20 to catch a metro to go to get on the coach to drive to York.  4:20 came so early because we were up most of the night :)  :)

There was a mission tour with Elder Kieran of the area 70, so half the mission was there- back to York I went :) it felt like being home :)  it was such a good meeting!!!!  Learned a lot and it made us really pumped!  It was also good to see other missionary friends :)

We had a miracle this week!  We were going to a less active that we are working with- helping her study the book of mormon and we've made a plan for her to give up drinking and smoking-- (i think I told you about her last week- the one who decided to give up smoking and drinking and that day we just happened to stop by).

So we were about to go into her house and a guy walked by- we talked to him  he said he was ''atheist'' but we set up a return appointment for later that day.  Well long story short- he is no longer an atheist, he came to church and loves the book of Mormon.  He has already read the whole thing!  WOW miracle!!  Even though he loves it, there is a lot of work to do- but it was amazing!  We are so blessed and so grateful that we talked to everyone because the Lord really does put those that are prepared to hear the gospel in our paths!!!!

Ya :) it has been a great week!!  Thank you for all your love and support!!  I love you all <3
ps thanks for the amazon package! and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS!!!!
Love you!!

<3 Sister Monroe#

ps I am sending a little something home-- sadly I don't think it will make it for christmas, but let me know when it gets there!!! <3

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