Sunday, January 26, 2014

1.07.2014 -- Miracles!

Hi'ya family!!!!! Oh man SO much to tell you all this week! we had such an amazing past couple of days!!!!
Ok ok so a couple weeks ago I lost my favorite name tag- it was my first one and I had SO many stickers on the back from the kids in Newcastle- so many memories I loved this badge!  But it fell off when we were walking.  Over the Christmas break as you know we lost contact with S.,  sad.  Well yesterday we got flogged by the members we were supposed to go teach. so we said a prayer and asked to be guided where to go- so we decided we would stop by K.'s and her daughter G. so we take a bus to town centre and I was like hey lets stop in the library really fast. So we did.  Who was sitting there. . . none other than S.!!!! and we talked to him- he has been reading the Book of Mormon- AGAIN!  and he said hey I have something of yours!  He pulled out my name badge!  Of all the people in Shields, he was the one to find it!  In an area that he doesn't even live by!  It was the reminder he needed in that time we were separated!!!!!  We had a great lesson with him right then!!!!!! Miracle!!! and my badge- well it's pretty rough- half the stickers are gone it got ran over by a car, the panda bear that Sister Ith gave me is now a black bear, but it means that much more to me now!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

ok ok so when we first came to shields we set a goal to have at least one investigator at church every single week.  Well with passing D. on to the elders (btw he is great!  progressing still so nicely so maybe we can take him back in a couple of weeks)  our faith, sadly, was a little low and on saturday night we had no one confirmed for church.  Elder Baird our district leader said ''sister Monroe have faith you will have someone there''  ummm ok???

so first hour was combined priesthood and relief society-- and who walks in. .. D. . .. D. himself was a miracle!  We had met him the day before- taught him lesson one on the street- he had so many questions it was SO great-- oh by the way we were going to a tea appointment and started going one way. stopped. felt prompted to go the other. and whoop there he was!  it was so great but then he was like eh I don't want people coming to my house sorry.  We invited him to church and then he showed up!!!!! and guess what! we have 2 appointments with him this week!!!!!!!  One tomorrow, which sadly I won't be at, Sister Neilson is going on exchanges because I have to go to a meeting at transfer meeting.  but then on saturday we are making the Powers dinner (which is lunch) to thank them for Christmas- and they invited D. and we are doing family history!! YAY!!!


We have seen so so so many miracles this week- because we have really focused hard on relying on the spirit! fasted, and we are looking for the miracles big and small everyday- but lately they have ALL BEEN BIG!!

We are just loving Shields! Loving it so much!  Sister Neilson and I are having a blast and working so so hard! 

Another story where the Lord's hand is in everything, we ended up going to K.'s last night and we were contacting on the bus- I met this lovely women and we were talking about church, her family, her job everything- then it was her stop. boo.  when we got off Sister Neilson was like how was she and I said ''so great! if I would have had 30 more seconds with her, but oh well seeds are planted''  so we go to K.'s come out- missed the bus by 10 seconds. oh man.  we get on the next bus- 2 stops later- the same lady walked on!!! MIRACLE!! we got her address! and we are going to stop by soon!!!!! oh we are so blessed here in Shields and I know that the Lord is the one guiding us in our work!!! 

Well I got to go but I love you all-- wish me luck with the new calling! 
Love you!!
<3 sister Monroe

ps please thank Jada for me! and Melanie too!!!!  tell everyone hello for me!

oh an pps I think Nic comes home this next week- could you please be sure to give him the missionary survival kit that I made- I have no idea where I left it. . . .. . .


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