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12.23.2013 - Happy Christmas!

Hey family!!!!

YAY I am so excited to see you soon!!!  So skyping will be around 6:30 pm England time!!  (I only have an hour- but we will make the most of that hour!)  YAY can't WAIT!

Well it has been a really good week :) Time is going WAY too fast here in South Shields!

Monday- all the sisters went to the huge mall in gateshead, it was a lot of fun :)  Sister Neilson and I printed our Christmas cards!!! They are coming your way!!!!! :) be excited ;)

Tuesday was the Christmas party! With the north zones- it was a lot of fun to be with the missionaries focusing on what really matters most!  There was a talent show and the South Shields Sisters we sang a Christmas medly and changed the words to Christmas songs so it was about our mission. It was hilarious-- we even got President and Sister Pilkington laughing :) hahahaha We watched its a Wonderful Life, it was really good!!!! 

Wednesday we got flogged. . . a lot. . . . but still had a lesson with D. and S.! That was good :)  Right now they are our strongest potentials but we are probably passing off D. to the elders soon. . . . . .

Thursday we visited less actives and knocked around their areas- there are so many in this ward!!  It's good though, we are trying to build strong relationships with those we can get in to!

Friday was the ward christmas party- and both D. and S. came to that!!  They seemed to have a good time!  Yay!!  There were a lot of fun games and food, I really really love this ward!  I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks here!  They are really lovely!  

I had my first English Christmas Pudding!  Ask gramps about it!  Ask him if he likes it!!!!

So in the mission tour with Elder Kieran last week they talked a lot about real intent- so Sister Lybbert and I decided we needed to exercise with real intent in the mornings-- so we have been running most mornings the past two weeks-- its been good :)  I feel like a zombie when I run, but I get back and have more energy! so that's good ;) 

We decided it was time and in our song to we 3 kings- (at the end of the chorus) we sang ''loving the members has worked you know- continually we feel our testimonies grow-- our spirits weigh more than they did before. . . they're swimming in custard galore! ( don't know how to spell that oops!) 

Oh man english custard- it is SO good :)  ask gramps! That is something you can have on your Christmas Eve English dinner!! that and yorkshire puddings!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday and Sunday were great days! Sunday there was a carol service it was really nice, the primary did the nativity :)  Nothing brings in the spirit like that!!! 

Lovely week!  Well I am excited to see you all soon!!! YAY for skyping!!!!

I love you!

<3 Sister Monroe
ps I got your package! and Grandmas!  Tell her thank you so much!!! and please tell all the family and everyone else Hello, happy christmas and I love them!

oh I got a card from sister Harwood- it was really really sweet :) tell her thanks!

<3 love you!

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